Teacher's Appreciation Program

Part of our purpose is to praise those who teach and build the growing yoga community. Count on us to have your own Liquido Active goodies with a 20% OFF benefit.


Hey teacher, this is your chance to be part of our
community! Let's be #BolderTogether

What our teachers have been saying

It is extremely important to feel comfortable while teaching. Liquido wear is by far the best brand in yoga apparel. Danielle Schulz Allen,
United States
"I would love to be able to represent a great company that provides quality yoga wear and the material is so soft! Not to mention the beautiful prints!"
Shellby Grant, United States
"I like liquido because it's full of colours, joy, happiness and gratitude and this is what I strive to communicate to my students, yogis and friends!"
Matilde Fabbri, Italy
"I wear Liquido on daily bases, whenever I have a full day teaching and hopping from one studio to another or just working from home and doing my practice."
Temjana Popovska, Spain
"It provides me an opportunity to use clothes that not only protect my skin, but also wear something that has been thoughtfully designed for all bodies, not just goddesses."
Chloe Olivia Rose Littzen, United States
"I truly believe that Liquido leggings improve my practice. They are amazing! I forget I am wearing them and they stay put!"
Kelly Bishop, United States
"I adore the leggings. They are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn in my life I could probably go to bed in them and forget I have leggings on."
Mana Ogawa, Australia
"Because I'm an instructor and every week people ask me about my leggings and where they are from. I'm also a Health & Wellness Coach and I inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. They then feel brave enough to start wearing some printed leggings like Liquido and rock it!"
Angie Bloom, United States
"It would really awesome because I’ll share with my students that pricing Yoga besides all the wonderful benefit we all know that Yoga has...It’s also lots of fun with all these cool prints and designs and instructors have great influence in our Yoga community."
Angeles Santiago, United States

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Terms & Conditions
  1. To enroll in the program, the teacher must have an account created on the website, a certification and a valid class schedule where we can check the veracity of the information.
  2. The program provides to certified teachers a 20% off benefit on every purchase.
  3. During sales teachers can buy as long as they are NOT logged in, otherwise, the sale discount will not be applied.
  4. Once part of the community, the benefit is available forever.