Go green with us!

" When the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said "There can be no Plan B because there is no planet B ,'' a couple of months back at the Stanford University it got me thinking... Something clicked inside me and made me realize how it’s everyone’s responsibility, and even the smallest change matter! So it was the moment we decided 'that’s it, no more plastic! Liquido goes green!! "

Renata Facchini, CEO.

We are committed to being more sustainable, by using fewer materials that harm our environment. For a start, the small details are being rethought and replaced. Our new packaging stickers are printed using soy-based ink, which is environmentally friendly, and recyclable. In addition, we replaced the traditional plastic covering with kraft paper, which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
However, the most important of all of that is our product! We have a special line composed of Amni Soul Eco-fabric. Learn more about it ahead!


Amni Soul Eco®'s secret is its enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula, developed by the research efforts of the Rhodia-Solvay group, which enables garments to quickly decompose when they are discarded and left in landfills. In anaerobic landfills, its unique composition allows bacteria to gain access to and digest the waste materials, thus accelerating the biodegradation process. Amni Soul Eco® is eliminated from the planet in about 5 years, whilst other fibers take decades to decompose. Like other biodegradable products, once it is in the landfill, Amni Soul Eco® breaks down into organic matter (biomass) and biogas; both of these can then be exploited as new environmental resources as well as being used to cogenerate electricity. Watch the video and learn more about its process!

A cellulose fiber similar to cotton but with a higher tenacity profile than Viscose. Modal is derived from sustainable wood sources and has environmental benefits such as the replenishable and natural raw material and CO2-neutrality. Features: quick drying; breathability; thermal comfort; long-lasting color vibrancy.


Throughout the year, more and more changes will be made. We want this change to be collaborative and we'd appreciate your feedback for our next steps in this revolution. Let us know your thoughts, on social media or write to getsocial@liquidoactive.com!