Bold patterns, and a buttery soft feel set apart Liquido Active yoga bottoms from other yoga apparel. Made from stretchable fabric that moves with your body, these sexy designs support you in your workout, giving you freedom of movement and full range of motion. They contour the curves of your body like a second skin, allowing maximum movement, breathability and fit.

These yoga bottoms are sure to match your whimsy and colorful personality. Irresistible and silky, yoga bottoms for women come in various styles including yoga capris, yoga shorts, yoga skortsextra long yoga leggingsunitards and more. Bad Ass Yoga Shorts and Skorts allow you to move freely with absolute confidence. We even have MiniMe Patterned Yoga Leggings for your little 3 to 6 year old. They feature the same amazing, stretchy and soft fabric that we use for all our leggings.

Make the most of your mat time in a fun figure-flattering fit. Liquido Active yoga bottoms are created with a stretchy fiber that can stretch to several times its size and return back to its original shape. Just like yoga helps us bounce back from life, so too do these forgiving fibers bounce back after a sweaty workout.