Yoga is a practice that explores our body and mind consciousness. Because of that, we can’t wear clothes that suppress the natural energy that flows through our body. After all, we are supposed to learn our limits and build flexibility.

Clothes that imprison our movements can be an obstacle in our pursuit for life quality and accomplishment through yoga. If you are a beginner, those clothes can be even worse for your development. When we start a new routine, at first, our body struggles to accept the exercise we are doing. That happens because we aren’t used to that kind of bodily effort and without the right equipment and apparel, finding rhythm in the practice becomes even harder.

The secret to finding the perfect yoga wear, is to combine two primordial ingredients: high quality fabric and confidence. Yoga leggings needs to be stretchy enough to accompany your body movement and you must feel ready to move freely using them. If your pants are stretchy, but you don’t feel confident in them, your practice is compromised and if you do feel great using them, but they aren’t stretchy enough, your practice is also compromised.

Always consider those factors when you are buying new clothes for your practice. Remember that the perfect yoga leggings aren’t always the prettiest ones. The best choices are those that even when you are upside down, they still make you feel awesome.