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The recommendation for yoga practice is the less clothes the better!  Want to know why? For a most effective practice, your body must be able to move freely and complete all the yoga poses (asanas) the class requires. For some of those, too many clothes could compromise your movement and prevent you from achieving your goals.

Which raises the question: What is better for your practice? Yoga leggings or yoga shorts? Well, because the fabric can become slippery and can, eventually, compromise your practice, shorts could be a better option. But there are other facts to consider.

First: Do these shorts make you feel comfortable? An important requirement for a great practice is to be listening to yourself. After all, yoga is about getting to know your body and to expanding your consciousness. How are you going to do that, if you are worrying about your clothes?

Two: Do these clothes make you feel confident? Remember that many asanas (yoga poses) will lead you to challenging positions and even upside down. So, your clothes should at least, make you feel up to the challenge.

Three: And finally, does the weather allow you to wear yoga shorts? Practicing yoga in low temperatures requires extra care. Your muscles and bones become more rigid because of the weather and because of that, it’s important to warm up and wear the right clothes.

Yoga wear (yoga tops, shorts and leggings) should make you feel great and confident.  Doesn’t matter if you use shorts or if you prefer to use leggings, consider your health and your confidence when you choose between them.