Patterned Leggings

7/8 Eco Legging Pachamama


7/8 Eco Legging Green Cheetah


Liquido Active is an exclusive yoga wear brand made for energetic, confident and bold yoginis across the world. Our main purpose is to develop high quality yoga apparel, that are both comfy and fashionable.

The biggest challenge we face daily is to find balance between fashion and movement. Yoga is a practice that leads us to explore every single part of our body, so our clothes needs to be stretchy enough to accompany the user in their search for his own limit and consciousness.

Balance is also achieved by confidence. So not only our yoga wear needs to be stretchy, but it needs to make the yogini feel confident and ready to take every step of their journey. That’s why we are always thinking about how our customers will feel while they are wearing our brand.

Liquido Active yoga leggings and apparel must carry in their fabric the joy of being able to explore beyond our body limitations and the power to expand our internal universe. After all, we engage with the philosophy and with the yoga practices, so we can feel light and free inside our own skin.

We have colorful prints and more sober ones, mandalas, florals, greens, blues, grays… in yoga, every pattern and color have meanings, and we want to provide the exact sensation our client needs for his practice.

More than that, we also look forward to providing the confidence, the energy and the quality that he couldn’t find on his own. We believe that yoga is an empowering movement and we want to deliver printed leggings that brings out all the power we have inside of us. That’s how Liquido Active differs from other yoga brands, we don’t sell only yoga clothes and yoga shorts, we sell something you want to be a part of. Use Liquido Active and be Liquido Active.