Yoga & Photography with Soraya Pastor

My name is Soraya; I’m an artist, designer, yoga lover and citizen of the world.  I was born in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil and moved to New York City nine years ago.  Living in New York has inspired two of my greatest passions: yoga and photography.  The city has stimulated my creativity, and I immersed myself in it completely, finding photography in the process.  Yoga came into my life to help me find balance in this wonderful chaotic city.  In doing both, I found a common thread between the two. 
Yoga & Photography With Soraya Pastor
“To photograph: it is to put in the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart." This famous quote from Cartier-Bresson, synthesizes the essence of photography as a meditative process.  When I think about it, just as I might do while I am doing a headstand, I visualize the three chakras aligning to capture a moment. It is like the world is opening up around me, allowing me to take in all the colors, warmth, brightness, shadows, forms and textures and transform this experience in art.
Yoga & Photography With Soraya Pastor
To find relief from life's stress, I place myself on the yoga mat, and as I practice I feel more grounded.  I challenge myself. I see the world from a different angle with every asana I am doing. The focus is on myself and I leave the studio feeling empowered and lighter on my feet. Yet as much as yoga focuses me inwards, I still emerge with new ways to see the external world,  through the lenses of my camera and through my eyes.   Yoga and photography have been a blessing in my life. 
Yoga & Photography With Soraya Pastor
In a conversation with Renata, Liquido Active CEO and dear friend, we came up with an idea to create limited edition fine art photography that could, like yoga, transport us to a meditative space of joy and fulfillment. So Sensorial is a project that was born with the intent to celebrate life and the awakening of the senses - our instruments of life, expression, and knowledge.
Yoga & Photography With Soraya Pastor
I truly hope that you can feel inspired by the pictures, they are expressions of the abundance, beauty and bliss of life.
**Soraya's prints are available on our US site only**
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