We Are Bolder Together

March is a month dedicated to reinforcing women's rights and we are proud to be a part of this movement celebrating the power of every woman. We believe that self-assured ladies are open to love and confident to support others.

We believe that we are #BolderTogether


Photo: Bella Zanesco

The Liquido Team is made of bold women who support each other and we are helping spread the message through our tank tops, which encourage women to stand for themselves.


Part of our Liquido ladies with our Liquido girl, Catarina.

Special Goodies: For the first time ever we are sharing with you, our Liquido Tribe, some of our beloved prints for you to use on your phones or computers.

Get Yours!


You can visit our campaign page here!

Keep up spreading the Liquido Love out there tribe and use the hashtag #BolderTogether on your social media.

Much Love,

Liquido team

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