Ways Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life

By Guest Blogger: Meera Watts


Yoga has so many benefits, especially when you immerse yourself in it. When you do yoga teacher training you live and breathe it. No matter what your path in life has been, everyone’s life journey can benefit from doing yoga teacher training. That’s the beauty of it. You can begin a new career helping others and yourself achieve nirvana. Alternatively, even if you never plan to teach, you’ll improve your own practice. Yoga is more than just stretching and balancing and when you learn about all of its many facets, it changes how you think. It changes how you manage your life.

Based on people who have taken the training to be a yoga teacher, this is how yoga can change your life.


.You focus on the external world.

One of the eight limbs of yoga is to help others. Through yoga teacher training, this is endorsed daily and you will start to open your eyes to helping others. It is highly rewarding when we have that compassion towards other people. Being a yoga teacher involves being passionate about other people’s growth. This will be instilled in you and become a genuinely new way of thinking and living. You’ll start to look at people in a different way. You won’t look to change anyone; instead, you’ll accept their path as you are on your own too. This resolves a lot of conflict in your mind and you start to let go of things you may have been holding onto for a long time. It’s a great feeling.

Ways Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life
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.You feel a connection to the world.

As well as learning to see others, you will also feel connected to them. The yoga teaching gives you insight on how to connect spiritually to others. This manifests as smiling at everyone you walk past and making eye contact. You listen to people intently when they talk to you. If this wasn’t something you did before, you’ll notice how people react differently to you. For some students, they had social anxiety. Learning about your connection to the world of yoga teacher training can help abolish those feelings. You begin to see that there is no 'I' and 'them' because we are all one.


.You enter into a community.

When you immerse yourself in the training, you’ll meet like-minded people that fit into your present lifestyle. It’s kind of like a reset button if you’ve been holding onto old friendships but you’ve changed. You will find that the community of yoga students you meet will resonate with you. They will become like a second family. Yoga asks us to be vulnerable so you will all be in it together. That kind of support breeds friendships that run deep. There are an honesty and trust being harbored during the time you’re together. You may be from all walks of life and you may live in different countries. This won’t matter because you’ll know that we are always connected no matter how far. As you are changing while you take the teachings, they are also changing with you. You will support one another and have deep, meaningful conversations.


.You learn to find the peace within.

Doing yoga helps all the systems in the body relax. This is because you let go of anger, sadness, and fear. Yoga and its teachings help you to open your heart. You begin to learn how to keep your heart open even amongst adversity. You’re willing to put in that effort instead of going towards negative feelings. For those who have had a lot of anger in the past, they’ve said that yoga teacher training really turned that around for them. Yoga teaches you to love and be loved. That is the greatest truth. When immersed in the training, this will be a constant message and you’ll start to feel it in you. Being able to love instead of fear creates a lot of change in someone’s life. You’ll take different actions and not shy away from things you were once afraid of.


.You learn to let go.

You are never taught in school or by your parents how to let go of things that don’t serve you. In yoga teacher training, you will learn this skill. You are given the tools to liberate yourself. You begin to understand that you don’t have to strive for things that you don’t even want. Whether it’s admiration, recognition, or acceptance. Those are things you can find within yourself.


The road of less resistance is a beautiful one that relieves so much pressure from your life. You can bring these lessons to all aspects of your life when you’re done. You can let go of material objects too. In your society, you may find that your things define who you are. This is not the way and it has never been. We want to belong to something but where you live and what car you drive was never the definition of you. When you’re in the community of people that understand this too, you will have found your tribe. You can go back to your society and know that you do belong. You can even seek out a new tribe wherever you live that harnesses the belief of letting go of ‘stuff’.


Many people have said that they found themselves when they did yoga teacher training. They grew their practice too. Not only did they say they became stronger physically but also gained a lot of knowledge on what yoga really means. The practice is deep and there’s so much to learn. When you take yoga teacher training, you will feel a new sense of gratitude towards life. People and places will look different to you. As you release so much of what the ego has told you is the right path, you will find your inner freedom. This is commonly spoken about among those who have completed their yoga teacher training.


About the Author

Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes, and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga.
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