3 Ways to Rediscover Yourself In 2019

By Guest Blogger: Eloah Paes Ramalho


I am a dancer and I do not say that on the grounds that I dance. I was a dancer long before I did it professionally, I just did not know it. Perhaps you are a dancer too. A painter. A carpenter. A composer.

When we talk about who we are, I have come to realize “being” is less about what we “do” and more about “how and who” we are while doing it: it is about how we make choices, how we show up to other people and how we be on our own. You may be an accountant and a dancer. A videographer and a painter. All the wondrous (secretive) combinations we rarely talk about!

"Who are you?" has become such a foreign question few of us even dare to ask it. When we first meet someone we replace it by “what do you do” or “what do you study?” and rush to answer familiar names from a list of jobs and titles, often missing the most rewarding discovery of all: who we really are!

Then the year spins! The clock turns. And one day... fireworks paint the sky! We celebrate a New Year! Luckily the beauty of this passage collectively reminds us - or dare I say encourages us? - to ask boldly of ourselves in the silence of our hearts: Who am I?

So in the spirit of such moment, with doors sprung wide open into 2019, I invite you for dance: a self-discovery dance! 

Are you ready to swirl, be lift off of your feet and commit to the possibility of a New Year and a New You?

If yes, here are 3 ways to begin uncovering your very own moves in 2019.


3 Ways to Rediscover Yourself In 2019Featured Beauty: @dancingbrazilian, Featured Product: 7/8 Legging Japan 


1. Let your body take the lead.

Your body knows the New You long before your brain will ever allow you to! So try noticing what your body feels like in each moment: Does it feel like sleeping? Dancing? Going for a swim? Even if it is “not the time for it”, do it! Loosen up and listen.

Maybe for just one week, or even just one day put your mind on the back seat and watch. Dance when your body is craving to move. Eat when your body is hungry. Go speak with the person your body is urging you to speak to. Even if no one else would do it. Even if you’ve never done it before. Take a leap. New Year, New You, remember?

2. Be indulgent.

There is an understanding that enlightenment can be reached in two ways: through abdication of all pleasures or through the full immersion in them! You may think the later is way more appealing and you’ll be surprised by the number of people who will go for the first. If you’ve been on a path of abdication long enough, perhaps going the other way might be just what the New Year reserves for the New You! This path is also known as the way of tantra, even though this word is often and widely misunderstood.

By being indulgent I mean allowing yourself the full experience of your awakened body. You can begin anywhere: with the experience of the wind lifting the hairs in your body, feeling the temperature and strength of the waves crashing against (or flowing underneath) you, enjoying the touch of a fresh piece of clothing, or the warmth of the sun. Feel it and love it, then keep on doing it.


3 Ways to Rediscover Yourself In 2019
Featured Beauty: @dancingbrazilian, Featured Product: 7/8 Legging Japan 


3. Go at your own pace and keep communication flowing.

There is an African saying that goes “if you wanna go fast, go alone and if you wanna go far, go together”. What if we can go alone and together at the same time? I am all for that!

By all means, honor your body and where it feels you must go. That’s reminder #1 for a reason. It is also great fun and inspiration (not to say extremely fulfilling!) to dance life with others so share your inspired wishes with people in your life! Ask them: That would be good for you? If they say yes, then great! If they say no, can you put your heads together to think of a creative solution? Do a solo dance for a bit then come together later?

More often than not you’ll be surprised by how far you can go with someone while honoring your unique path. Have you ever watched professional dancers dancing? We do not have to be holding onto each other all the time to dance together. Solos in couple dancing and group performances are brilliant too!


About the Author:

Eloah is a professional dancer and storyteller that invites people to experience their most sensual and alive selves through dance, transforming their life and connection with others in a radical, and authentic way! For more on how to dance your New You, visit her website and check her Instagram.

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