The Seven Pillars of Mindfulness and How They Can Help Us Cope With Anxiety

By Guest Writer: Mara Dunn.
Mindfulness is basically the human ability to be present: it is inside each of us, but can also be developed through exercises.
There are 7 major pillars of mindfulness:
1) non-judging: society very often leads us to a Manichean, good/bad, view of the World. If we constantly indulge in this view, we will never be fully present.
2) patience: it is somehow obvious that in order to be present, we must live in the present, in the here and now and let go of past negative experiences.
The Seven Pillars of Mindfulness and How They Can Help Us Cope With Anxiety
3) beginner's mind: let's try approaching life as a child does, with a mind full of wonder and without prejudice.
4) trust: if we constantly doubt ourselves, how are we ever going to be present?
5) non-striving: don't try being in any other place than the one you are already in.
The Seven Pillars of Mindfulness and How They Can Help Us Cope With Anxiety
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6) acceptance: since certain things can't be changed (for example the death of a loved one), don't always try to force them into a certain direction otherwise you will end up leading a life of constant frustration.
7) letting go: this might be one of the most important pillars of mindfulness when it comes to coping with anxiety. To be free, you need to let go!
While mindfulness by itself is probably not enough to treat severe anxiety, it can definitely help. Whenever we notice ourselves worrying about something and becoming anxious, we can go back to the 7 pillars
Maybe we are worrying about something that happened in the past: how about we try to accept it since we can't change it? 
Maybe we are anxious about an event that we assume to be bad: how about we stop assuming? How about we stop classifying every single aspect of our life as good or bad?
Sometimes, all it takes to feel better is to find our breath and become aware of it.
About the Author:
Mara was born and raised in Italy where she graduated from law school in 2005.
In 2008, she moved to the US after her husband got injured in Afghanistan and she has been his caregiver ever since. Together they have a son. She is an Aerobics and Fitness Association of America certified primary group exercise instructor and personal trainer, a 200 YTT yoga teacher, a Les Mills body flow instructor and a black belt in Karate. You can find her on Instagram!

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