The Present Moment

By Guest Writer: Fátima Lousada


Mindfulness appeared in my life when I needed it the most. I was going through a tough time at work and mindfulness gave me all the tools I needed to enjoy my life to the fullest again.


Ego vs the present moment

One of the firsts concepts I learned about is the ego, that image we all have about ourselves that never seems to be satisfied. Once you deepen into the practice of mindfulness is when that way of being, the ego in its fullest form, with all its fears, contradictions, tensions, unhappiness, frustration, jealousy, competitiveness, shyness, emptiness... begins to fade away by the effect of the full awareness of the present moment.

Once you fully connect with the present moment is when you’re aware of all the beautiful things that surround you: a tap of water, the smell of incense burning in the air, fresh air, nature, the sky... and also the consciousness of our own being, as part of a whole connected with the universe. When you get to feel this, it is when your ego goes away.

The Present Moment


And why is this good? How can it help?

Because once you start to understand all these concepts, you start to use them in your daily life.

And, gradually, life changes. It feels light and smooth. You start to see the good in whatever is happening around you. Without expectations and without fears, just living the present moment. The past is gone and the future is not here yet.

In summary, you learn that you can use mindfulness as a way of life. It makes us better versions of ourselves by making us aware of what we do, how we move, what we say, the clothes we wear… In this sense, it’s important to make things that are environmentally friendly, for example by supporting eco-friendly brands like Liquido Active. This way, you can feel pretty by wearing cute leggings, and you can feel good because you are supporting a company that prefers to spread good values. We live in a world full of things we can buy and consume, so it’s important to choose wisely so you don’t contribute to bad industry policies like bad salaries, child labor, plastic consumption, contamination… among many others.

The Present Moment


Mindfulness also changed my yoga practice. Before starting my mindfulness journey, I had been practicing yoga for more than two years. At that time, yoga was just a physical exercise. It was not until after knowing mindfulness that I discovered the spiritual facet of yoga as an active meditation, a moving meditation. In this sense, I went from wanting to change my body because it wasn’t flexible, strong or skinny enough, to connect with it during the practice. Now I don’t work on how physically deep I go, but on how deep I mentally connect with my body. I enjoy all the sensations, every movement, the breathing, my energy, the energy of the room, the contact of the clothes with my body...

Mindfulness and yoga also taught me that compassion and self-love contribute to finding the happiness that is already within us. We cannot radiate love if we do not feel love for ourselves. And by learning that, you just learn to do things just because you enjoy them. For example, the other day my boyfriend told me I was the prettiest ever. And now, I’m telling you the story behind this sentence. That morning, I received the new Liquido Active leggings on the mail and I wanted to wear them so badly! So I thought: why not going with these flowery print pants on a date? It ended up being the best outfit I could ever wear. Just because that day, wearing yoga clothes everywhere makes me feel pretty and happy, more than a dress! Because it’s not about what we wear, but about what we feel. When we see ourselves well, we project that inner happiness.

Long story short, mindfulness is a door to feel good and good feelings.

Don’t you want to open it?


About the Author:

Fatima Lousada is a yogini born in Galicia (Spain). Three years ago, she discovered yoga during her degree and never stopped practicing since then. Currently working as a doctor and studying her master’s degree, she also wants to become a yoga teacher to give people all the happiness yoga can bring to people’s life. You can find her on Instagram

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