Ask Rina: A Sattvic and Sexy Queen

Sattvic and Sexy Advice Column 1 - by Rina Jakubowicz 

Ask Rina: A Sattvic and Sexy Queen 


Liquido Active has brought on Rina Jakubowicz to share her new revolutionary, yet traditional movement for women. Rina launches her advice column called “Ask Rina: A Sattvic and Sexy Queen”, teaching women how to have healthy relationships with themselves, their sexuality and then, their partners in order to build their own Queendoms.

Rina will provide answers every month in our blog, to questions submitted by queens like you, who have doubts on how to take actions and live in a sattvic and sexy way.

This column will help women discover that they own their sexuality - no one else does - and how to take their sexuality back - not by force or rebellion - but with poise, maturity and groundedness. 

Here's the first column! Hope you all queens enjoy it. ;)


Reclaiming Queen M: How do I reclaim my sattvic and sexy balance post-breakup? What are some practices you can share?

Blessed Reclaiming Queen M, Your sattvic and sexy balance should never have been placed on a relationship or a partner. So regardless of whether you're single or not, your sattvic and sexiness ideally is alive and pumping! :) Buuut, since we are learning this then in reference to a fresh break-up, our first thing to keep in perspective is that this break-up is for the best. I know it's hard to live this way because we are attached and feel so many emotions. Take it one day at a time. When you are not attached, you can move freely and lovingly. Plus of course, you see clearly. A Sattvic and Sexy Mental Practice for you: As soon as an emotion pops up, just observe your emotion and say "Hello (insert emotion). You can pass by but not stay." Don't get caught up in the emotion. Don't look at old pictures, social media, emails, texts etc. Place your worth on yourself and not on your partner. Follow up your "Hello..." with a positive affirmation. For example, "I am already full on my own." A Sattvic and Sexy Physical Practice for you: Masturbate thinking of yourself. Turn yourself on by yourself. Don't think of anyone else. Make yourself the sexiest mofo alive to yourself!" Go get'em Queen!


Silly Queen J: How do you initiate sex but feel silly and uncomfortable?

Blessed Silly Queen J, A queen never feels uncomfortable or silly asking for what she needs and wants. In fact, she's empowered by it. Not because she’s going to get what she wants, but because she’s empowered by voicing her truth. Consider how you'd like to be approached when your partner wants to initiate sex. Playful yet assertive is sexy. So step up and act that way with them too. Especially since men tend to be visual so if you're awkward and uncomfortable, they won't register that as a sexy initiation. The way to get over it at first is to fake it until you make it... pretend you're comfortable and confident and eventually you will be. You got this!


Confused Queen L: What is your insight on navigating a woman’s sexuality independent of a love relationship? In other words, how do I honor my sexuality outside of a relationship which is based on love, or within a relationship that true love is not part of the equation?

Blessed Confused Queen L, sexuality has nothing to do with love and vice versa. Your sexuality is something you carry within yourself and choose to share with someone whom you're intimate with - in a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual way. Regardless of any relationship, your sexuality is yours and you can honor this by taking yourself out to dinner, buying yourself little gifts of appreciation, writing yourself love letters, pleasing yourself, ultimately dating yourself. It doesn't have to include any other person. But if you are in a realtionship with someone and you're choosing to keep your sexuality to yourself and not share it in your loving relationship, then you'd have to consider a few things... 1. Does your partner want to be sexual? If so, then it's your duty to fulfill this desire for them, just as they should be doing it for you. 2. Do you want to be sexual but not with your partner? This is where it gets tricky because sex is just physical and as sattvic and sexy women, we should rise above our lower desires (aka physical desires) and serve higher ones which include loyalty, dedication, serving and giving pleasure. But if you aren't there yet, then you need to consider where your relationship is headed. Is there an exit in the near future? If so, then there's a way to make it sattvic which is ideal for both parties. Shifting our focus to love - in its purest and unconditional form - it is something to share with everyone and shouldn't be selective. It is the most sattvic way to love because you aren't basing it on how someone makes you feel but on something you give. Most of us don't unconditionally love even if we'd like to think we do. Sorry for the honesty, but that's the truth. Love me anyway!!! hahaha! That would mean you love unconditionally. ;) A relationship based on love is much higher and truer than a relationship based on one's ability to express one's sexuality. You can express your sexuality regardless of love or lack of love.


Fantasizing Queen J: How do you begin a conversation talking to your partner about their fantasies?

Blessed Fantasizing Queen J, Just straight up start the conversation. Be direct, bold and open. Start by sharing that you have some fantasies you'd like to explore if they are open to it. Don't share yours just yet and ask if they have any fantasies of their own. Whatever they say, don't be judgmental. Just like you wouldn't want them to be judgmental of you. Listen objectively and see if it's in your wheelhouse to fulfill the fantasy for them. FANTASY TIP: Fantasies are called fantasies because they are meant to stay that way. I have fulfilled some fantasies of mine that were MUCH BETTER in my head, than they were in person. So, take that as a side note. Consider what fantasies should stay as fantasies and which ones you'd like to try out. It could come back and bite you in the butt... and not in the sexy way! ;)



How to Submit Questions:

- Email Rina with questions at

- Follow @LiquidoActive and @RinaYoga on Instagram and check their stories. You’ll be prompted in the stories to ask a question a few times during the month.

Important Note: your questions will remain anonymous. Your name will come up as Queen followed by the first letter of your name. For example, Michelle’s question would be marked as “Question by Queen M.”


About the Author:
Rina Jakubowicz, the founder of Rina Yoga, is known for her vibrant and uplifting approach to yoga by bringing movement, philosophy, and fun to all, including Latinos and children. She is an international bilingual yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, a motivational speaker, and author. Her new book, The Yoga Mind: 52 Essential Principles of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen Your Practice, is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon! Visit her website and Instagram.


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