ReTREAT Yourself Because You Deserve It!


By Guest Blogger: Katherine Lindsey

By now, you might have a friend or know of someone who’s had a life-charging experience at a yoga retreat. So you book a ticket and do yoga somewhere else - What’s the big whoop?! You forgot about the power of presence. Something magical happens when you surrender controlling every detail of your day. Let yourself unwind and enjoy the milli-moments. It’s like becoming a kid again. There are so many reasons to want a getaway like this. Do you want to travel to a new destination? How about learning from one of your favorite teachers? Maybe you want to dive into your physical or spiritual practice. Whatever the reason is that made you book the flight, we’ve narrowed down our favorite takeaways from our own retreat guests. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at a few retreats, assisting, attending and most recently, curating a few of my very own! Here is what we’ve gathered.

1. Pack Your Bags... We’re Going on an Adventure! - explore somewhere you’ve never been before or explore it in a different light. In most cases, the retreat hosts already have a special connection with the town, country or island. This means you can venture with a local and skip out on hours of researching on Google and Trip Advisor. Not to worry - Hosts take care of the extra hassle and curate a special itinerary just for you! How often does fear of the unknown stop you from traveling across oceans? 

Retreat Yourself Because You Deserve It!Photo: @katromeyn | Featured Print: Banana Berry


2. Practice Makes Progress - Retreats, whether they are focused on yoga, surf, writing or fitness, are catered to deepen your practice in a way that exceeds learning within regular classes. Your teacher may have special workshops or lectures lined up that may help you grow in the yoga room. Be prepared to soak it up like a sponge! Pro tip: Bring a notebook, pen and takes notes.


3. Pen Pals International! - No matter the adventure, memories are about who you walk the journey with. Can you remember some of your wildest, funniest adventures? Who was right beside you? Retreats are a great place to meet like-minded people who inspire you. With the way social media works nowadays, it’s even easier to connect with friends in another part of the world. Carrier pigeons are not necessary. Even if you don’t speak the same native tongue, isn’t interesting that laughter is considered a Universal Language? No joke!


Retreat Yourself Because You Deserve It!Photo: @ukerocks | Featured Print: Shine Shorts


4. Life Detox - Sometimes the best way to get out of your situation is to literally take yourself out of it. Press pause on the city life and escape to find solid ground. My advice? Filter through your layers of awareness. Connect to yourself first, how you’re feeling and what brings you ultimate joy. Next, observe your environment. What contributions can you make to find your ultimate joy? What needs to change? It’s easier to power through when you’re able to understand your obstacles. So carve time out for self-care. Step away from distractions. Put down the phone. Listen to nature. Get clear. Your body and mind will thank you.


5. Health is Wealth - Healthy habits can be a real hurdle. They say it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit. Why not start with a 3, 5 or 7-day retreat? A week of clean-eating, exercise and “lights out” hours are easier to take on when it’s already on the schedule. Your new retreat friends are there to cheer you on. Now get pumped on your happy hormones! Once you get addicted to feeling great, it gets easier to make healthy decisions.

Retreat Yourself Because You Deserve It!Photo: @khatmandu | Featured Print: Gold Magnolias


6. You deserve it! - Retreats allow for you to become present in your best abilities. It’s a way of recharging your soul’s batteries. Make a comeback and be ready to take on the world!


    About the Author

    Katherine or "Khat" is a traveling yoga teacher previously based in New York City and currently living in Bali, Indonesia. She is an active volunteer with Sierra Club’s NYC ICO  (Inspiring Connections Outdoors), co-lead one of the 19 Chapters of MIP Worldwide based in the Lower East Side and, as a teacher, Khat brings everyone together through the practice of ACROVINYASA Yoga. It is a combination of vinyasa flow, inversion training, and Acro Yoga. In Acro Yoga therapeutics and other workshops, she integrates her knowledge in Traditional Thai Massage to bring a balance back into the body. 
    She has as well her own yoga ReTreat company located in Bali! - @puribaliretreats
    Follow her adventures on Instagram: @khat.mandu and stay updated with her schedule, recipes, travel and more checking her website!

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