Put Your Health on the Top of Your Priority List

Put Your Health On The Top Of Your Priority List
As I sit attempting to write this blog post I have two little monsters crawling all over me, hitting the keyboard, smearing boogers all over me, and believe it or not, licking peanut butter off the dirty counter. Welcome to my crazy, busy, messy, but full of love life!
When I sat down to write this blog post I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to talk about. The only thing I knew… I was going to include some kind of workout, but no idea what direction I wanted to go with that. As soon as my little monsters (2 and 4 year old boys) decided they needed to help, it became pretty clear. I was wondering how I was going to get this blog done with the two of them, and on top of my never ending to do list, and training clients… but, I knew, somehow I would.
Everyone, whether you have kids or not, leads crazy busy lives, and often our health and wellness can get put on the back burner. We often wonder how we can fit into taking care of ourselves when we have so much on our plate… and sometimes it’s easy to push aside. I’m here to tell you, it’s possible, and you are worth it. Your health and wellness need to be a top priority. Once it becomes a priority, it becomes easy to fit in and becomes your new normal. The best part… when you take care of yourself first, you are going to be better able to help those around you. You can tackle work, that mile long to do list, taking care of others in your family, and maybe even sneak in a little fun ;) You will have more energy, feel better, and be happy!
Put Your Health On The Top Of Your Priority List
So, it’s time to put your health on the top of your priority list. Once it’s a priority, you will find time for it. I’m also here to tell you, you don’t need hours a day to workout, or even a gym. Just 20-30 minutes a day at home can get you results. We all have 30 minutes a day we can find… it’s literally 2% of your day. Here is a quick at home workout that can be done anywhere, and with no equipment. Make it a priority, put it at the top of your to do list, and get it done!
And I’ll leave you with a few tips to help find the time:
  • Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier, or stay up a little later
  • Sneak it in during your lunch break (you don’t need a full hour to eat… workout for 30min, then eat/relax for 30min)
  • Do it while watching your favorite show
  • Put the laundry on hold, or cleaning the bathroom, or something that won’t drastically mess up your day if you workout instead
  • Plan a “workout date” with your friend instead of a “coffee date”

Put Your Health On The Top Of Your Priority List

The workout below can be completed anywhere and done with no equipment. It is geared towards all abilities, but listen to your body and modify where needed. If the workout is too challenging you can always modify by lessening the number of reps/rounds or modify the specific exercise being done. It’s ok if you can’t complete the whole workout, the purpose is to be moving for at least 20 minutes. For those that need an extra challenge, go back up the pyramid when finished going down.
  • Warm up – 2 minute jog in place to get the muscles warm
You will complete the 2 minute cardio round before every pyramid round.
  • 2 Minute Cardio Round: (30 seconds on/10 seconds rest)
    • Jumping jacks
    • Skater jumps
    • High knees
  • Pyramid: Reps each round (4 rounds total) – 20, 15, 10, 5
    • Squats jumps or regular bodyweight squats
    • Push-ups (wall, counter, knees, or feet)
    • Spider lunges
    • Dips (off step, chair, or can be done on the floor)
    • Curtsey lunges each side
    • Burpees (Optional - only if you’re feeling up to a challenge, and remember you can always modify them by stepping instead of jumping)
    • Finish each pyramid round with 20 crunches and 15 side crunches each side (drop knees to one side, keep shoulders square to ceiling, and crunch)
  • Finish with a stretch

Put Your Health On The Top Of Your Priority List


Nicole is an ACE certified personal trainer, Beachbody Coach, and most importantly a mom and wife. She started her personal training business, Toppa Tough Fitness, just over three years, and has never been happier. She loves HIIT and strength training, but also has a huge passion for running.
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