Mindfulness: The First Step of Happiness

By Guest Writer: Marina Monobe

You might have heard a few times that mindfulness is the path for happiness. But, what does mindfulness really mean?

By definition, mindfulness is a mental state in which someone is aware of the present moment while accepting who they are, their limitations and where they stand, without losing sight of their goals. 

In its roots, being mindful is about acceptance. Accepting the present moment, letting go things that don’t add up, or don’t belong and knowing that we are all different. So, as you accept yourself, you learn to love and respect yourself, which is the basic foundation for being able to love and accept others. It is in the lack of acceptance and understanding our differences that chaos manifests into small fights and even large-scale wars. It is in the ability to love yourself that you become grateful for the life and body that is given to you.

You are unique and beautiful, so don’t try to fit in, when you can be this shiny star just by yourself. Together we are a constellation, a unique community that can only grow if we understand and embrace our differences and if we support each other’s growth. With neither judgment, nor comparison.

Mindfulness: The First Step of Happiness

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Acknowledge that we all have scars (mental and/or physical) and sometimes our actions come from our inability to heal them. Learn to accept and love your scars, don’t hide them, because they show how strong of a warrior you are! Sometimes, sharing your scars helps to heal yourself and others who might be living in similar situations.

Going through acceptance and self-love is a process of being present and grateful. If you are able to take a minute of your day to practice gratitude, you will be able to set your mind for happiness. But practice makes progress, so, today, first thing in the morning, take time to think about something, or someone, or even some accomplishments that you are grateful for. It can be as simple as being alive and having loved ones in your life.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but, baby steps. Every time chaos hits you, or you feel down, try to practice gratitude. It might be really hard sometimes, but know that character is built during moments of struggle. There is no better character to define you than as a positive thinker.

Mindfulness: The First Step of Happiness


Differently from what most people might think, being positive doesn’t mean being a dreamer or oblivious. It only means that you are able to recognize good things even during situations of struggle.

Although there is no statistical correlation between positive thinker and survival rate on serious health conditions, such as cancer, it is proven that positive thinkers have a better quality of life. Elizabeth Edwards, bestseller author and health care activist said, "A positive attitude is not going to save you. What it's going to do is, every day, between now and the day you die, whether that's a short time from now or a long time from now, that every day, you're going to actually live".

So, mindfulness is a mental therapy and we all live through ups and downs. When on your downside, remember that it is the small details that can help lift us up. Sometimes it’s as simple as wearing your favorite Liquido leggings or getting a new outfit. I personally love wearing playful and thoughtful prints such as Om Legging Elevation, being adorned with positive words to cheer me up. Also, some classy animal prints that bring out my inner wild.

Once said, now I ask you, did you exercise mindfulness today?

About the Author:
Nina (Marina) Monobe expresses her love to help others through her veterinary and yoga practice. She graduated as a Veterinary Doctor in Brazil and moved to the USA to work as a researcher and teaching assistant while finishing her Ph.D. During her cultural transition time, she found herself practicing yoga as a therapeutic exercise to fight anxiety and depression. Nowadays, she is an Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor and AFAA Fitness Instructor. Nina teaches a wide variety of yoga styles, from traditional Vinyasa Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga with meditation music to Power Yoga and yoga with weights with pop music. Her mission is to bring awareness to people that yoga can be fun and make you flexible, balanced and strong from the inside out! Find more about Nina and her classes at Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

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