Liquido Goes Pink

 By Guest Blogger: Kristi Paxton

HAVE YOU HEARD??? Liquido Active is going “PINK” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Our company believes in supporting women in all aspects of life. In good times and bad times we want to encourage YOU to be bold, fearless, and free!

Liquido Goes Pink

To honor you and to help create awareness for breast cancer, Liquido is offering for the month of October to donate 15% of the profits from a designated collection online to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I, as well as many of you, have been touched by breast cancer. My aunt, one of the most beautiful souls ever placed on this earth died of breast cancer. This disease is traumatic and can cause great physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual distress and discomfort. While we are ALL waiting on a miracle to find a cure for breast cancer, let me encourage you to investigate a holistic approach to alleviate some of the harsh symptoms of the disease.

As a certified Yoga instructor, I realize and experience the healing benefits of Yoga. Cancer patients and survivors alike are looking for different modalities to help heal the body. Some cancer patients and survivors refer to Yoga as a “life saver”! Yoga can be very therapeutic and brings relief to the mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach has recently emerged as one of the more successful methods of alleviating some of the physical discomforts of cancer and the treatment of cancer.

Some of the ways Yoga can benefit someone in cancer treatment is that it can help remove toxins from the body, it keeps the body strong, and it reduces stress and anxiety. I suggest a gentle, therapeutic approach. There are many good therapeutic Yoga teachers out there willing to support, encourage, love, and nurture you through your cancer experience.

Help us spread and share the Liquido love and go “PINK” with us for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! WE support YOU and the efforts to find a cure for breast cancer! Tag us in your “pink pose” with hashtags… #LiquidoGoesPink  #liquidolove #boldfearlessandfree

Liquido Goes Pink

Offering you sincere healing energies in your journey… Namaste,

Kristi Paxton

Kristi Paxton lives in Florida and is a 500hr certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor, Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor, Boga Fit Instructor, trainer for Boga Yoga Paddleboard company and an Ambassador for Liquido Active.

She has 3 grown children & 2 beautiful granddaughters. She is passionate about yoga, health, fitness & loves to travel the world! 

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