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Lightness & Humour in a Yoga Practice

By Guest Blogger: Alison DeMaio


Yoga is a spiritual practice, and most of us who practice regularly take it pretty seriously. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t moments of fun and laughter during practice. I was so excited when Liquido Active approached me to share some of these funny moments on their blog.

Alison wears Ultra High-Waist Eco Legging Light Blue and Strap Eco Bra II West Village

Practicing in a crowded studio can lead to funny situations. People bump into one another, accidentally invade each other’s space, or distract their neighbor. Have you ever been accidentally kicked or hit during yoga? Or worse, been the one to do it? I have! During a recent practice, I was transitioning out of a leg-behind-the-head posture (Eka Pada Sirsasana) to do a vinyasa, when I slipped and lost my balance. The result was my leg shooting out to hit my neighboring yogi. Luckily it was only a very light tap and she wasn’t angry with me. Perhaps I should blame my yoga leggings, which sadly weren’t my usual grippy Liquido ones!

Another story that stands out in my mind happened very recently at a workshop with a visiting teacher. As I was entering Bakasana, or crane pose, I started to lose my balance a little. Usually when this happens, I just set my feet down and try again. However, this one particular time, I couldn’t stop my weight from going forward, and I ended up somersaulting forward, off my mat! Talk about making a first impression on a teacher I really respect.

Alison wears Ultra High-Waist Eco Legging Light Blue and Strap Eco Bra II West Village 

Not all my humourous yoga moments happen at the studio though. At home, I have a very affectionate cat who loves to get involved in my yoga practice. There have been times when he decides to cuddle with me when I’m upside down in shoulderstand, or jump on my back when I’m in an arm balance. Luckily we’ve managed to avoid any major incidents, but I’m always a little worried for his safety when I practice.

Alison wears Ultra High-Waist Eco Legging Light Blue and Strap Eco Bra II West Village 

I think it’s so important to keep a sense of humour when we practice yoga. If we take ourselves too seriously, it can cause us to beat ourselves up when we make a mistake. Instead, if we can smile or laugh about it, it lets us get back up quickly when we fail and try it over again. I know if I got frustrated every time I fell or my cat got in the way of my practice, I would have quit practicing yoga a long time ago. So I say, here’s to more smiles in the studio!


About the writer:
Alison is a medical doctor, specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology in one of Ireland’s leading maternity hospitals. She is committed to her daily Ashtanga Mysore practice, despite the demands of a busy job. She has been fortunate to practice with some world-renowned teachers, and she is currently learning the Ashtanga Intermediate Series in the traditional method. Keep in touch with Alison on Instagram.


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