Let Your Heart Guide You

By Guest Blogger: Miles Photography


Synchronicity happens when you align yourself with the flow of the universe instead of insisting it flow your way...


Let Your Heart Guide You


Movement photography is not something we actively decided to pursue. But life often nudges you down a path you would never have anticipated… IF you’re open to it. Being open to the possibilities and trusting that these twists and turns will take you to where you want to be can feel scary at times, but it’s incredibly rewarding. I think we all need to remind ourselves that we have the potential to live the lives we dream of. It really is all within our reach. We just need to embrace it, and also the uncertainty that comes with taking risks to do what we truly love.


We started our photography careers shooting luxury homes for developers, architects, interior designers and real estate agents. We lived in Toronto, Canada and found that city life just wasn’t serving us. Cold winters, surrounded by concrete left us feeling disconnected from the rhythm of nature and the soulful lifestyle we craved so much. 


At this point, we had traveled to Costa Rica many times in search of waves and each time it felt like we were going home. We decided to make a pact with ourselves that before we turned 30 we would leave the city and make our vision for a healthier more balanced lifestyle come true. So at age 29, we made the leap and moved to the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The transition to Costa Rica was such a positive shift for us. Nature is a massive inspiration for us as photographers and there is no shortage of to beauty to capture where we live. 


The lifestyle in Costa Rica also brought us closer to Yoga and I can’t imagine where our lives would be without it. Yoga is so much more than just a fitness regime for us. It’s taught us to be more present and appreciate the simple everyday moments. As entrepreneurs and driven individuals we often have to remind ourselves to slow down and not always be chasing the destination. It’s the journey, the everyday moments that matter.


We still lead a busy life, traveling to shoot high-end resorts and properties, weddings and promotional videos for brands internationally. Right now we’re currently on the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain shooting luxury vacation rentals, a Mallorca travel video, and Liquido Active's new line. We love what we do, but movement photography, in particular, is close to our hearts.



Let Your Heart Guide You


Partnering up with Liquido Active has been an amazing collaboration for us. Combining our passion for movement photography with a brand so passionate about creating gorgeous feminine activewear has been unreal. We love the bold funky patterns and shooting in the soft lightweight fabrics is pretty blissful when were shooting in hot climates.


Love to the team at Liquido and love to all of you chasing your dreams and letting your heart guide you. You got this...


Stephanie & JP

Miles Photography


Miles Photography is a husband and wife photography & video team with a passion for visual storytelling. From their home base in Costa Rica, they travel internationally shooting commercial brands, luxury properties, and beautiful people.

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