Smart Girls Screw Up Too - Check Bella Zanesco's Book!

By Guest Blogger: Bella Zanesco

Check our special interview with the author Bella Zanesco. She is a life and wellbeing strategist, a world champion sailor and philanthropist working to give people the tools they need to become fully expressed leaders and exceed their potential in their lives and careers. 

Smart Girls Screw Up Too - Check Bella Zanescos Book!

Here’s an excerpt from Bella’s book, something she wrote directly after a yoga practice in Tulum.

“I can’t lie to my yoga. It’s my union. My every truth."

Yoga has facilitated the journey from my head to my heart. From self-loathing to self-acceptance and, finally, self-love. From debilitating injuries and a hunched-over posture towards an aspiration for pain-free, high-vitality living.

There are times in my life, even now, when I resist my yoga. Run from it. Because I might cry some more or release some other trauma. But it’s at those times that I need it most because those are the times when I’m furthest out of alignment, so I should not resist the truth. Because resistance is not surrendering to what is real and true and that is not love. And love is what I need. Love is what we all need.

Yoga has taught me to show up in life as an active creator. To commit to my dharma in my fullest expression. To do what I can and acknowledge where I’m at. It has taught me that life is a dance. That sometimes I’ll need to waltz and sometimes I’ll need to tango. It has taught me to heal my body, trust myself, deepen, grow and ow.

The light of my prana is either a steady glow or a distant flicker, depending on how often I show up on the mat, what I put into my body and whether I’m living my highest truth — in other words, whether I’m in spiritual alignment.

Because when I’m in alignment I feel the purest of life forces pulsing through me. I feel energised. Awake. Beautiful and owing.

And so my yoga mat is soaked with tears and happy memories—because it’s where I gave birth to the new me. It has seen me breathe my way from heartbreak to love and entrapment to freedom.

"It’s my one constant. My safe place. My union. My love.”

Smart Girls Screw Up Too - Check Bella Zanescos Book!

Liquido Active: This has been a big few years for you Bella, can you tell us a little bit about what’s been going on for you?

 Bella Zanesco: Well, a lot has changed in the past few years, both inside and out. I stopped slaving away in the corporate world, did my yoga teacher training, became a successful life and wellness strategist and wrote a book.


L.A: Wow, what led you to make those big changes?

B.Z: Mainly I just couldn’t continue how I was going. I couldn’t meet my eye when I looked at myself in the mirror. I was burnt out, had an adrenal failure and the depression I’ve fought my whole life was no longer manageable. It had gone from a low hum in the distance that I could ignore to a loud roar I had to address.


L.A: And yoga was a part of that?

B.Z: A huge part. I have a whole chapter dedicated to yoga in my book: that’s how big a part of my life it is. I kind of think of my journey on the mat as mirroring my journey off the mat if that makes sense. Like, when I started yoga I couldn’t touch my toes and I was so scared of what everyone else in that room might think of me. But as I grew in confidence on the mat I grew in confidence in life.


Smart Girls Screw Up Too - Check Bella Zanescos Book!


L.A: Now, I know you’re being shy here, tell us about some of the things that you’ve achieved in recent years?

 B.Z: Well on paper it’s things like the City of London naming me as a UK Top 50 Young Changemaker, I won the world sailing championship supported by Liquido (yay!) and I was named Travel Photographer of Year by the Weekend Australian Newspaper. But the biggest thing I’ve achieved is becoming ‘me’ again. The best version I could be. It’s like that Japanese art form called Kintsugi where they mend broken vases with golden glue to make their cracks their most beautiful feature. Well, I feel like the last few years started with me cracking under the pressure but ended with me being a bit more sparkly overall. So really, I can’t see it as anything but good.


L.A: And you’ve written a book about this journey?

B.Z: Yep. It’s called Smart Girls Screw Up Too – The no-nonsense approach to creating the life you want. It’s basically a step-by-step guide for how to bring your A-game to your life no matter what your starting point. It’s largely based on the steps I took, supported by stories and wisdom from inspiring people at the top of their game like Tiffany Cruikshank Founder of Yoga Medicine and Ana Forrest Founder of Forrest Yoga. One thing led to another and now there’s a book that comes out in January 2018 all over the world. It’s amazing how when something is meant to be and you say yes to it, it works.


L.A: That sounds amazing Bella. Tell us more about the launch?

B.Z: Well, aside from the fact that Liquido is very kindly sponsoring it and supplying goodie-bags, everyone reading this blog is invited! It’s on November 23rd at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.  It will be filled with an eclectic mix of yogi’s, kiteboarders, entrepreneurs, musicians and healers and will be a celebration of who we are all becoming and of our screw up’s as well. To get a ticket you go here: each ticket includes (green juice, jokes: champagne), nibbles and a copy of the book. I really hope to meet some of you there.

Otherwise, see you on the mat.

Love, Bella.

 You can pre-order Bella’s book and receive a signed and numbered copy with a personalized note here.




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