If You Have A Dream, Make It Happen!

By Guest Blogger: Elaine Reynolds


My first holiday to South East Asia was over 20 years ago and from that moment on I was hooked! Every year I wanted to see, feel and experience more of the exotic. I always felt like I was in the right place, spiritually and physically, when I was in Asia.

It wasn’t until 10 years later when a wonderful friend of mine used to tell me her stories and adventures living in Singapore in the 70’s and 80’s, that made me think what it would be like to live in a different place. "I used to listen with thoughts of "I want a life like that" and “I want to live in Asia and experience a different and exciting culture”. But it was just some thoughts and a daydream when I became frustrated with things in my life.

Ten years later, I was in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, celebrating my 50th birthday with my husband when I had an epiphany! We asked ourselves: “What are we waiting for? There is no reason why we can’t sell up, move to Ubud and start working on our online fitness business", and from that moment I started visualizing it, feeling it, meditating on it, and I started making endless pages of notes and plans to make it happen. Everything started from that moment and I knew deep in my heart that was the right decision for us, making us move to Ubud six months later! Sometimes I wonder what would have happened 10 years earlier if I had my epiphany then. If I had visualized it, meditated on it and started making notes and planning. But life is all about timing. If you have a dream and a passion, it will happen, even if perhaps not at the time or the way you imagine it to happen.

If You Have A Dream Make It Happen!
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There is something special in the air in Ubud. It’s hard to say exactly what it is but it is a deeply spiritual town. The Balinese have a very beautiful way with their ceremonies, almost everything in Bali receives a blessing at some point. There is even a day for the blessing of cars and motorbikes! It’s quite a wonderful feeling to come out to your motorbike and see a gorgeous flower offering and know that it has been blessed for safe journeys! It's very special to see how they are artful at taking something very simple and make it look quite amazing. The way the Balinese show their appreciation, through ceremonies, for these things that most of us take for granted, opens your mind to all the endless possibilities in life and makes you feel deeply grateful for the very small things in your day.

My absolute favorite day of the year here is Nyepi (the Balinese New Year).  It's a complete day of silence in which the whole island shuts down. The airport is closed and no airplanes are allowed to go in or out of the island.  No-one is allowed on the streets. The local Banjar (village group) send out men to patrol and make sure everyone stays inside. The curtains are closed and there should be no TV or phones being used (not sure if everyone adheres to this though!). The night before there is a big loud parade through each village for the amazing Ogoh Ogoh’s! The Balinese spend months building giant statues of evil spirits that are burnt at the end as a symbol of self-purificationIt is amazing! The following day of silence is to ward off any evil spirits that might still be lurking around. The hope is that if they fly over Bali and see that the island is quiet and there is no one around, they will go somewhere else. It's a moment of reflection and of being thankful for the year that has gone and grateful for the coming year. The perfect time to write down your affirmations for the year ahead.

If You Have A Dream Make It Happen!

Ubud is a wonderful place to practice Yoga and I've been tremendously inspired and excited to be here, working on my online Video workouts for women approaching their 50’s and, like me, in their 50’s plus. 

My advice to everyone that has a dream – they do come true if:

  • You put the work in!
  • You take action.
  • You feel it.
  • You visualize it.
  • You meditate on it.
  • You plan it.
  • You live as if it's happening already.
If You Have A Dream Make It Happen!

Perhaps it will not come in the shape or form you've imagined before, but whatever will come, it will be aligned with you and it will be just right for where you are in your life now.

Happy Dreaming and Happy Planning!

About the Author:

Elaine Reynolds is a Master Personal Trainer who has been passionate about Health and Fitness for nearly 30 years. She has created Holistic, Dynamic Fusion Style Training Programs for women approaching their 50’s and beyond.

This Dynamic Fusion Style Training utilizes the very best of Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Barre Work, Low Impact Cardio Moves and Functional Strength Training all in a highly effective and proven 20-minute workout! Visit her website and follow her on Instagram


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