How To Stay Motivated To Workout?

By Guest Blogger: Tine Johansen


One of the first things we were taught, when I started studying as a physiotherapist was, that every day we are working on our aging process! Think about that for a moment... Everything you do today will affect you later in life!

What you do today will (among other things) have an effect on:

  • the way you age
  • your happiness
  • lifestyle diseases
  • wellbeing
  • how you look

    For me, this was a big eyeopener, and I decided back then and there that my overall lifestyle matters! Of course one can take a few days off from exercising and eat a bit unhealthy now and again, but in general living a healthy, active lifestyle is key to a happier, healthier life. And it is never too late to start.


    How to stay motivated

    So even though I got this as a motivation, always in the back of my mind, I have of course struggled, and still do some days, with staying motivated. I believe that 30 minutes of exercise a day, 6 days a week, is very important and something we can all fit in, with the 7th day being a rest day. It can seem very difficult at times to fit in exercise, as a mum of 2 little ones, I know that time is precious. But so is my health.

    How To Stay Motivated To Workout
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    I’ve created a list with my top tips to staying motivated:


    - Find something you love to do! That way it will be something you are looking forward to doing every day and not a task you have to be over and done with. 


    - When finding something you love, it can open so many new doors. For me starting Ballet, as an adult after my second baby, got me even more into Pilates than I already was, I wanted to be stronger and have more core strength. Starting Ballet also got me into Yoga, as I wanted to improve my flexibility, to fulfill some Ballet goals! Now I’m not even sure what I love most, Ballet or Yoga?! 


    - Setting goals are such a big motivator too. Small goals that are achievable in a near future, and bigger goals that you can work towards over a longer period of time. It’s important to have both types, as setting too big goals can have the opposite effect, those tend to take way longer to reach. I have set small goals that I’ve achieved, some big ones as well. I also have big goals that I’ve not achieved yet, and maybe I never will. But that’s ok, they still help to keep me motivated! The important part is to not be too attached to the goal but to find pleasure in the process/journey towards the goal as well. 

    How To Stay Motivated To Workout
    Featured Beauty: @tjwellness | Featured Product: Ultra High-Waist Legging Petit Rose


    - Try new things to keep your body and mind guessing, and to keep your workouts fresh, challenging and interesting. 


    - Make working out a habit so you don’t have to convince yourself daily, it’s just part of your routine. As they say “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”


    - Join a class! Being in a group and working out with others helps you stay motivated and on track. There is also the beauty of socializing and creating new bonds. 


    - Just start. On days where I just can’t find energy, and nothing helps I put on my workout gear, roll out my mat and decide I can just do a light workout. I then do a bit of stretching and having come that far, I can just as well put on a youtube or yoga video and just do a short workout... and another one and so on. Usually gives me at least the 30-60 minutes I wanted!


    To end this blog I wanted to also share that I’m a big believer in that everything counts. Parking further away from work, the studio, the mall. Taking the stairs. Go for the toilet further away from you. Bike or walk to and from places when you can etc. There is always a way to get in those 30 minutes.


    About the Author

    Tine Johansen is a physiotherapist, pilates teacher, Danish girl living in Portugal, youtuber and the founder of Balletlates. Balletlates is a mixture of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga, - three training forms that she is truly passionate about, because of their strengthening and lengthening effect physically and their clearing and calming effect mentally. She shares her practice on her Youtube channel with follow along Balletlates videos, and a monthly workout calendar on her Website. You can also follow her on Instagram!

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