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By Guest Blogger: Shani


Instagram is a visual platform; the main and first thing we see is the photos shared from people all over the world, about all sorts of topics - from the ice cream they had to a professional photo from an editorial, and this is what catches our eyes first.

With all the surge of creativity going on around us, we naturally want to take a part of it and share our life, and for this particular article, our practice, by posting a nice photo that will reflect the beautiful outfit we recently purchased or the fun new pose we finally nailed.

Obviously, not all of us have the time, resources, and beautiful sandy beaches next to our home, to create a high-quality photo (especially not on a daily basis), and so the question that arises is how do we do it using only our smartphone camera and inside our home? I created a short video tutorial demonstrating how to do just that!

In the video, I'll talk you through what apps to use, what part of the house is best, and how the aesthetics should more or less look like, and I wanted to add a few valuable points in the written post:


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  1. The apps that I'll be using are:

For the shot itself: I have an android so I use an app called Timer Camera. I found that using a screenshot from a video really ruins the quality of it, and this app lets you choose the times and bursts with a lot more variety than you get from your phone's camera, with the same quality. There are similar apps for iPhone, so it's worth a shot looking them up!

- For the editing: I use SnapSeed, which is available for both Android and iPhone, but I know other people use great apps like AfterLight and VSCO although I've never used them myself. I used a lot of tool options for this editing tutorial, but I encourage you to explore more of them by yourself as well, as there are so many and they give all sorts of interesting results.


  1. When should I take the photo?

- When there's natural light outside - sometimes our home lighting can distort the image a little, so if it's possible to do it during daytime, and if you're doing it behind a window where the sun shines through, it would be best to lift the blinds a little so it wouldn't burn the photo.

- If you're going for a complicated yoga pose, then the best time, of course, is always after a practice, and then go and cool down right after as so to avoid injuries.

Make Your Photos Look More Professional
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  1. How do I come up with new poses and/or variations?

Instagram and Pinterest are an endless source for inspiration, for all levels! I usually browse yoga-related hashtags to look for posts that inspire me, no matter how big or small the account is.

Experimenting by yourself - for example in this photo, I wanted to make high lunge special and so I played with placing both hands on the ground, eyes closed or open, arm over the head, where to place my hair and so on, until you find one frame that makes you look good and be in a good alignment of the pose you want to show.


 About the Author

Yoga has enriched my life so much that it has inspired me to give back and share my knowledge, becoming a Yoga teacher myself in 2017. My desire to share all that the Yoga practice has given me has inspired me to write a blog and the eBook called 'Love of Backbends' (available on my website), where you can deepen your backbend practice through guidelines based on my personal experience and research, and also through my teachers' guidance.

You can find me on my Instagram Yoga account and on the Photography account!


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