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How to Deal with Injuries

 By Guest Blogger: Rita Amaral

How To Deal With Injuries

For active people, getting injured while practicing yoga or any kind of physical activity can be quite challenging. A lot of emotions like anger, anxiety and frustration can come up, especially if the injury prevents you from practicing or training. Throughout the years I have learned how to deal with injuries and prevent them from happening. Here are some tips:

Be mindful

Living each moment with awareness helps to focus our energy in the present moment. This is very important when doing any kind of physical activity, yoga included, because it will allow us to be more aware of our every movement. Try to eat, walk and breathe with mindfulness, it will help you connect with your body and start listening to it. This will likely diminish the chances of hurting yourself.

Write your feelings in a journal

If dealing with your feelings becomes daunting, try to write them down. Explore them by writing all the details of how you feel and how you think you can deal with them. It will help you by getting it all out instead of keeping it inside. Also, if you have to go through an injury again, you will know how you handled it before and what things helped you along the way, making it an easier journey.


Meditation helps you to develop a strong relationship with yourself. It will help you to keep calm and relaxed and think positive. Deep relaxation practices such as yoga nidra are also excellent tools because they help to release accumulated tension in the body and contribute to a faster healing.

Accept, surrender and let go

Sometimes it is just easier to accept that things happen for a reason and try to learn as much as possible with the situation. There is no point in getting frustrated with the situation or thinking how it could have been different. That is a waste of your energy. Injuries can teach you a lot about yourself and your body. Try to get the most out of the situation.

Take the time to nourish your body and pamper yourself

Choose healthy, easy to digest foods, it will help with the recovery. Have an oil massage. Take time for other activities that you would otherwise not have time todo, like reading or painting or other hobby that was waiting for your attention.

Rita is a Mother, an Ashtangi and a Researcher. With a PhD in Biology, and after years of doing research on whales and dolphins, she found Yoga and Ayurveda and her life changed forever. She has been practicing Ashtanga yoga and studying mindfulness and nutrition for several years. Through her daily yoga practice and meditation and by maintaining healthy eating habits she found her well-being and overcame an eating disorder that haunted her for years. She is set out on a mission to help others achieve the same.

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