By Guest Blogger: Kristi Paxton

The Mother: Who is she?

This one word, ‘Mother’ can have many different meanings and invoke many different feelings and emotions. It is never just a neutral or benign word. Did you know, 85 million Americans have the title of a mother?

Happy Mothers Day Liquido Tribe!

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Motherhood can manifest itself in a lot of different ways. You can be a biological mother or an adoptive mother, a foster mother or maybe your babies are covered in fur!

Either way, it is instinctual to love and nurture and comes from a place of innate wisdom. From this intuitive response to nurture, I have realized our only true purpose as a mother is to LOVE!

This love was tested & had to show up in a big way when the father of my three children, who were only 6, 8, and 12 at the time was killed in a car accident. Time briefly stood still for us on that fateful day. We had to quickly learn to move into life in a new and unfamiliar way. On that day I was given the role of mother and father. I accepted this role with a great faith that God must have instilled in me the ability to LOVE fiercely and to instinctually know how to mother the fatherless.

I had to look at motherhood in a whole new way.

There are endless sacrifices that we all make in regards to motherhood & it has a lifelong tenure.

Happy Mothers Day Liquido Tribe!

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I decided to ask my three children what the word, mother meant to them, so here goes...

My middle son, Drew commented: “a mother is someone who is a lifelong supporter”.

This statement could not be truer. I love his words because the love I have for him is exactly that, lifelong!

When my daughter, Lane, the oldest of the three, decided she was ready to become a mother I thought it would happen naturally & easily for her. It did not. She struggled for years with infertility. It was painful to watch and hard to understand. She along with so many women suffered in silence with infertility and a deep, innate longing to have a child.

Miraculously after a lot of tears and prayers and help from fertility doctors she was able to conceive. Another baby followed and was a big surprise because she conceived on her own naturally. Lane has two little girls now, Kate and Anna, who are 1 year apart. She is an amazing mother and I could not be more proud of the determination and strength she exhibited to become a mother.

I asked her to tell me how she felt about motherhood for this blog post. Here is her answer: “I am a mother and I am fiercely loved by a two and three-year-old little girl. Every day their sporadic sweet hugs and 'I luv you’s' somehow keep me going between the constant sister fights and whining. If I am being honest, being a mother makes me feel like the most beautiful, strong woman one minute and the most exhausted, failure the next. I would encourage women everywhere to band together and encourage each other on the most thrilling journey we will ever embark on, motherhood”.

Happy Mothers Day Liquido Tribe!

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Lastly, I asked my youngest son, Tucker, if he had any thoughts on motherhood. His response is very telling: “I think a mother is a teacher and someone who makes you feel loved both for what you do and in spite of it.”

I don’t take motherhood for granted. I think it is an honor and a privilege to mother another human being. My devotion to this lifelong calling created a gratitude practice & ritual that I humbly participate in each morning. I open my balcony door and play a crystal heart chakra bowl tuned to the letter F which resonates with the heart chakra. I then speak out loud the things I am grateful for. Being a mother to Lane, Drew and Tucker is number one on the list. This practice cracks my heart wide open!

On this Mother’s Day, I am grateful for ALL mother’s out there struggling to do their very best. The joys, the tears, the sometimes heartache are all worth it to be called... MOTHER!

Happy Mother’s Day 2018!

About the Author

Kristi Paxton is a 500 hour certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor, Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Instructor as well as a Master Trainer for FiTMAT by Boga. She lives in Seacrest Beach, Florida. Follow her on Instagram: @kristi.yoga

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