Full Moon Women's Gathering in Australia

Aiming to support our community, we are opening up our doors to build a space of trust, empowerment, and self-love for women from the Northern Beaches. So, we invite you to once more for our Full Moon Women's Gathering. This time we celebrate the element of fire: Sagittarius. There will be a short standing Firey vinyasa practice with lots of twists to create internal heat.

Full Moon Womens Gathering In Australia

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When the moon is in Sagittarius, its said to be a really important time to listen (to others and ourselves). So, our teacher Sam will guide and activity that women will pair up. Woman A will start by saying things like I love you or 'you are beautiful', or 'you are a goddess', and Woman B just has to respond 'Thankyou' nothing else. We do that one way for 2 mins and then switch it and then they have time to share how they felt with each other giving that love and receiving it. It's generally very hard for women to accept compliments so this can be quite a powerful exercise.

After this exercise, Sam will ask them to write 5 things they love about themselves and then ask them to write 5 things to let go of in the full moon ceremony which are negative beliefs about themselves. This full moon ignites bravery within us so its a good time to be a bit bold with our circle and see how it goes.

Since there is actually a full moon out there, an option will be to walk down to the ocean and do the burning of our letters there if the weather permits. This time is said to provoke strong positive feelings and optimism and a positive state of mind is very achievable- so we are confident that this will be a really good one!! :)

Get to know our teacher: Sam Sales

Full Moon Womens Gathering In Australia

Sam is a local yoga teacher from several studios along the northern beaches. She is extremely passionate about working with women to build body confidence through a foundation of self-love. Coming from a background as a dancer, where body shaming and seeing women as the competition was a daily practice, she seeks to change this mindset amongst fellow goddesses. Fusing yoga, feminity, astrology and tantric practices, her dream is to empower and build a community of strong and supportive women with an abundance of body love.

When: Wednesday 30th May 

Time: 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm

Where: Liquido pop up store Manly

What to bring: Yoga mat, something beautiful to look at to share with our alter, your wonderful self

What to wear: Comfortable clothes, there will be a gentle Yin style Yoga class and meditation

Bookings: please send an email to popupmanly@liquidoactive.com

There is no cost for participation, but registering is essential as we want to keep this group small and intimate.

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