Full Moon Women's Gathering Australia

We recognise how challenging it can be to be a woman. The everyday pressure (to be a great mum, wife and professional, stay fit and young, among many others) make us forget how beautiful we are. But we also understand that all women have a unique and natural beauty and that together we can help each other to shine! So, aiming to support our community, we are opening up our doors to build a space of trust, empowerment, and self-love for women from the Northern Beaches.

Full Moon Womens Gathering Australia

We are delighted to announce that, on the 27th of April (Friday), we will have the Full Moon Women's Gathering at the Liquido store. It will be a moment for conversation, exchanging and learning, while supporting each other, 2 days before the full moon. During this meeting, Sam Sales will guide you through a journey to rediscover your inner and outer beauty and share few tools to maintain the benefits of this work afterward.

Come and check how powerful and healing the effects of surrounding yourself with a group of strong women can be!

Get to know the teacher

Full Moon Womens Gathering Australia

Sam is a local yoga teacher from several studios along the northern beaches. She is extremely passionate about working with women to build body confidence through a foundation of self-love. Coming from a dance background, where body shaming and seeing women as the competition was a daily practise, she seeks to change this mindset amongst fellow goddesses. Fusing yoga, feminity, astrology and tantric practises, her dream is to empower and build a community of strong and supportive women with an abundance of body love.

Join us for this special moment!

When: Friday 27th April 6 pm (runs approx 1.5 hours)

Where: Liquido Pop Up Store Manly Beach

What to bring: Yoga mat, something beautiful to look at to share with our alter, your wonderful self

What to wear: Comfortable clothes, there will be a gentle Yin style Yoga class and meditation

Bookings: please send an email to popupmanly@liquidoactive.com

There is no cost for participation, but registering is essential as we want to keep this group small and intimate.

Liquido's main purpose is to empower women and we hope this first gathering will be just a start on finding your inner power and conquer the freedom to be who you want to be! 

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