Fuel Your Passions With 3 Simple Daily Habits

Fuel Your Passions With 3 Simple Daily Habits

“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.” Yogi Bhajan 

Confession: I am a recovering perfectionist. The girl who creates the perfect vision in her head {okay more along the lines of unrealistic} and then drowns in a sea of frustration trying to create a vision that never measures up to my expectations.
My perfectionism quickly leads to frustration. When I am so focused on perfecting areas of my life and business I am not taking action. When I am not taking action I am not manifesting results and while I fully know this I can easily get stuck in this vicious cycle.
Then one day I realized that perfectionism is not only hindering my potential but it hurts the people around me that I am meant to serve. Its my ego at play. I convince myself that I need to have all the answers first; the perfect plan, the perfect website, the perfect strategy when what I really need is to let go and trust the process. Have faith in my passions, my purpose and talents.
Once I shifted the focus off of myself and my needs and cared more about my desire to serve others the flow of my life got better, easier. I realized that when I focused more on being intentional and taking it one day at a time I found a new way to fuel my creativity and my passions.
Do you find yourself struggling with this too? Do you find yourself spending a great deal of time planning? Are you the master of research who can fill up a notebook full of amazing creative ideas but never actual execute any of them?
Believe me friend, I get you.
There is nothing wrong with being an over-achiever who takes pride in doing her best. You are likely a soulful human being who strives to live a purposeful and joyful life so be gentle and forgiving with yourself.  Its just time to create a new plan of attack to help you move forward.  
Fuel Your Passions With 3 Simple Daily Habits
Here are 3 simple daily habits to help you fuel your passions:
Simple Daily Habit #1 – Journaling
There is so much power in journaling daily. It clears your thoughts, re-centers your energy and releases any negative energy. As you journal, allow your thoughts and feelings to flow. This will help to spark your fire for what you are passionate about and get your creative juices flowing. Write out a list of simple daily intentions for the day.  At the end of the day reflect upon what you accomplished. Do not beat yourself up for what you did not cross off your list. Tomorrow is a new day. Make “progress, not perfection” your new mantra.
Simple Daily Habit #2 – Surround Yourself With Passionate People
Toxic energy will suck the life out of you so its important to surround yourself daily with creative passionate people. Schedule a coffee date with an encouraging friend. Collaborate on a project with someone who shares your core values and vision. Find an organization in your community who are striving to make a difference in the lives of others and support their cause. Energy is contagious and you will find yourself more inspired to take action on your own goals.
Simple Daily Habit #3 – Say No To Multi-Tasking
The idea that the more we do the more we will achieve is a huge misconception. Multi-tasking is a creative buzz kill. You can’t be fully present when you are working on multiple tasks at one time. You end up not doing any of them well and easily distracted.
Instead, set aside time to be fully present for your to-do list and for those who matter most in your life. When its time to work, be fully present in that moment and do your best to tackle one item on your list at a time. Don’t think about what you need to do tomorrow and don’t get caught in the trap of needing to do more research first. Use that time to take intentional action. When its family or self-care time, put your electronic devices and other distractions away to fully devote your attention.
I still suffer from moments of perfectionism but living more intentionally and focusing on simple daily habits has helped me be more productive and keep the creative energy flowing so I can focus more on my passions and fulfilling my purpose.
Don’t allow perfectionism to steal your joy or rob those you are meant to serve from benefiting from your gifts and talents. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful or meaningful. Everything you do, everything you are willing to try whether it works out or not, is an opportunity to learn, to grow and that is the ultimate daily practice.
Fuel Your Passions With 3 Simple Daily Habits

April Williams is the #CreativeMomista and multi-passionate dreamer of 2 boys + Texas country girl + personal branding coach. She is obsessed with creativity + individuality + authentic conversations + horses + fuzzy socks + peppermint anything + coffee + the color red {hence her love of red umbrellas} + Founder of Creative Brandista™. 
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