Finding Happiness In The Small Things

By Guest Blogger: Shani



The progress in technology, industry, and globalization, in general, has so many blessings for us as humans. We have everything we’ll ever need only a website away. We have enormous highways and shopping centers, and we are able to connect to whoever we wish at the distance of a short direct message. It sometimes seems that these abundant riches have only served us feeling with less. We are constantly seeking ways to obtain more products, trying to cut first in every line, either block or ignore many messages and spend a whole lot more screen time than family time.


I believe that all the hours, days and years our past generations’ spent on trying to make a better future for us had a different endgame, and you can even hear it from them. I'm too a victim of all of the above; I think my time is so precious and little (which it is), that I refused to share it with others. I’m blessed with a family and a spouse who understand my passion, creativity, and vision regarding yoga, photography and social media, and I rarely hear any complaints from them.


But after almost 2 years of having the same patterns, I started noticing it and began thinking of ways in which I can regain control of my life and own happiness with eyes wide open, and by doing so give (if only a little bit) back to this beautiful world we live in.


Here, I'll list a few of these ways, which might sound a little mechanic, but I feel like when it comes to changing patterns we need a more planned approach, and with time it will become our new nature.


Finding Happiness In The Small Things
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First thing I did, is minimized phone and computer time; my partner works long hours and so in the small number of hours we get to spend together I put the phone away. Doing so helps me be engaged and present in my relationship and also more effective in my working hours.


Do something completely unselfish with no immediate evident return. It can be as picking up trash off the ground (yes, even if it isn’t ours - the sidewalk/beach/studio etc. belong to all of us!), to offering help to someone who looks confused and in need. It can be doing a house chore without being asked to or writing a kind message to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. When it comes down to it, we are all made of the same energy, live in the same planet and share the same space, so it really is our right and privilege to do these things.


Finding Happiness In The Small Things

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Treat yourself right. Traveling or going on an expensive vacation isn’t the only way you can recharge and feel more fulfilled; it can be a walk in the park or at the beach (again, without your phone), reading something that interests you, meditating, going to a movie by yourself, dancing and singing to your favorite tunes and the list goes on and on. Taking a small step away from our routine can be portrayed as a distraction or selfishness, but it will help us both to relax and actually refocus on what we really want with life, while it costs us almost nothing time and money-wise.


Change in thought, behavior, and feelings will not happen overnight and the road will not be a linear one, as we’re all humans, each unique in their own special way. But every journey has to begin somewhere, and I feel that the one to happiness and peaceful mind can start with the intent to look for it now, in our closest circle of life and within ourselves, with relatively small steps and simply being alive.



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Yoga has enriched my life so much that it has inspired me to give back and share my knowledge, becoming a Yoga teacher myself in 2017. My desire to share all that the Yoga practice has given me has inspired me to write a blog and the eBook called 'Love of Backbends' (available on my website), where you can deepen your backbend practice through guidelines based on my personal experience and research, and also through my teachers' guidance.

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