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Detox Your Body Naturally with These 4 Yoga Poses

By Guest Blogger: Joshua

The benefit of doing detox has been already established. But, did you know that cleansing and detoxing can be done in so many ways?

In the recent times, people usually make detox drinks and meals just to do a cleansing diet. Although others may consider detox as a fast metabolism diet – which is why drinks and foods are utilized, there are actually other options that you could do for detoxing.


Yoga? – Yes, you read that right! Doing yoga routines and poses can help you get a cleaner and healthier body. These poses do not only help you declutter your mind and inner psyche but, these also can help you cleanse your body naturally. Here are some simple yoga poses that you may want to try for your detox:

  1. Sage Twist Pose

This twist pose will help you cleanse your digestive system. It actually stimulates a better digestion and removes dirt from your system since squeezing them will allow the blood to enter and circulate better.

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Primarily, sit flatly on the floor with your legs straightly positioned in front of you. And then bend your right knee, so that your feet will be placed on your left side. At the same time, bend your left knee upwards and place your right feet at the right of your left knee.

Once placed properly, rotate your upper body at the side of your left knee. Wrap your left knee with your left arm and let your arms meet at your back. Stay in this position for a few breaths. Swap positions and repeat the process.

  1. Eagle Pose

The eagle pose does not only stretch your ankles, thighs, hips, and upper back. It can also help you get a better blood circulation in your legs and thighs. With better circulation, it will be much easier for your body to flush out toxins and dirt in these areas.

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Stand comfortably with your feet and arms resting at your sides. Slowly, lift your left foot over the right while bending your knee. Make sure to wrap it around your left legs and let your left thigh rest on your right. At the same time, lean forward while crossing your arms at the elbow joints in front of your chest and let your palms meet with your fingers pointed upward.

Inhale and hold this position. While exhaling, return to your standing position slowly.

  1. Revolved Triangle Pose

Revolved triangle pose mainly focuses on stretching the chest, lungs, and spine. And this is actually good for your lung capacity. In addition, it releases dirt and toxins from the abdominal, digestive system, and lungs.

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To do this pose, stand in your feet firmly with both arms resting on your sides. Slowly, place your left leg and feet in front of your right extremities. Once done, move back your right leg of the same alignment to create an arc on your back. Comfortably bow down and reach your left foot with your right arm. Raise upward your left arms creating a straight positioning in your spine and body.

  1. The Camel Pose

Camel pose or also known as the Ushtrasana is one of the most used poses to improve the body. It relieves constipation, activates endocrine glands, and improves circulation.

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What you need to do is to sit on your knees with your knees and feet resting firmly on the ground. Make sure your legs are shoulder length apart. While exhaling, slowly bend backward and let your fingers touch your feet. Rest at this position for 5 seconds.

You may use detox drinks and foods in cleansing your body. It’s all up to you apparently. But, adding these yoga poses will help you further in your cleansing and detoxing activities as these are all proven and tested by enthusiasts and specialists.

About the Author

Joshua is a writer who loves to write an article on health & fitness. He is always involved in fitness. He believes health is wealth & to stay healthy & for that, we need to have the best superfood supplement along with detox drinks!