Happy and Energized Throughout The Day: 5 Easy Morning Rituals

By Guest Writer: Ester Garcia
Modern life obliges us to hurry the whole day. We start, as soon as we rolled out of bed calculating the minutes there are left to get ready for work while checking our smartphones and, worrying about the daily tasks.
Happy and Energized Throughout The Day: 5 Easy Morning Rituals
I have to admit that there was a time when I was like this. I started the day like a zombie climbing out of the grave. Not exactly the type of start you would expect from a yogi. I felt rushed and exhausted throughout the day without energy to do my daily yoga practice, which made me feel unbalanced and anxious. Now, I do things differently, and I want to share with you the morning rituals that give me calm and energy to support my yoga practice, and everything I do throughout the day.
1. Wake up earlier
Treat yourself with some you-time getting out of bed earlier. Those minutes are magical! Everyone is still asleep and you will enjoy a quietness that only exists in the early hours.
Rethinking mornings as a time for myself, and putting on some comfortable clothes make getting up so much easier. I choose Liquido Active activewear because they are eco-friendly and so soft that you can sleep with your Liquido tights on to save some minutes in the morning ;) Why to wear Jeans if you can wear Liquido yoga pants?!
If you are not a morning person, try gradually moving your schedule back 15 or so minutes at a time to help your body to adjust.
2. Nauli practice
I practice nauli kriya (a yogic cleansing exercise) every day because it purifies the internal organs and boosts the digestive system. It makes me feel lighter and energized immediately. The best time to practice is early in the morning with completely empty stomach.
My daily practice includes some repetitions of uddiyana bandha activation, uddiyana bandha contractions and nauli clockwise rollings.
3. Hydrate
The six to eight hours of recommended nightly sleep is a long period to go without any water consumption. First thing in the morning I take is water. A big glass of room temperature water on an empty stomach is the perfect way to rehydrate our body. You could add fresh juice lemon for an extra detox and digestive boost.
4. Morning Yoga and meditation
I like to practice 10-15 minutes of yoga in the morning. I start with few standing full body stretches, gentle neck and shoulder rolls and continue with few sun salutations. Take it easy and respect your morning stiffness. 
After my morning practice, I like to sit in silent meditation for a couple of minutes, just breathing to set an intention for the day. I find meditation easier in the morning when my mind is still freshly. It helps me to prioritize my tasks and manage my time better.
Happy and Energized Throughout The Day: 5 Easy Morning Rituals
5. Eat a good breakfast
After showering, have a healthy and energizing breakfast. My favorite: rice or almond vegetal milk, a kiwi and some rice cakes with avocado. This whole sequence can be done in 20 minutes or you can spend more time in the rituals that resonate with you most.
The way you begin your day is very important. Even if you feel like time is not on your side, experiment some of these rituals for a few days and notice if they create a shift in your energy, vitality, and state of mind.
Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!
About the Author:
Ester is a yogini based in Barcelona (Spain) who started practicing yoga 3 years ago as a way to recover from an autoimmune disease. She is biologist, had 4 master degrees, and currently develops her career in the pharmaceutical field. Her lifestyle combines her passion for yoga, healthy nutrition and sport. Born under the sign of Capricorn she is very introvert, shy and at some point a little bit unsociable. For these reasons she began to share her yoga journey in social networks, to open herself to the world. She likes to practice different yoga styles but, she is passionate about Rocket yoga. Yoga was something she started to do but, in a short time yoga became her whole life. Find her on Instagram!

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