Benefits Of Balance Poses

By Guest Writer: Klaudia Siejca


Don’t let your emotions control you

You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that every person has a completely different temperament, approach, and way of handling things. But at the end of the day we’re all human beings, and even though we handle obstacles in our own ways, the stress we are exposed to and have to face, is often the same. 

Hi-stress situations show us how unpredictable we could be.

I’m sure you know the feeling when emotions take over control and – in most situations – it ends up miserably.

The perfect stage is when emotions are balanced. And that’s the point where practicing balance poses can be super helpful! 

Benefits Of Balance Poses

Klaudia wears Ibiza Bra Black and Shine Shorts Onyx


Balance Poses

From plenty of balance poses, we can differentiate many types. 

The first is standing balance poses – the most common are tree pose, hand to big toe standing pose, or warrior III.

Standing balance poses help to build strength in lower-body muscles and joints! They are great for those who suffer from knee issues! They’re also very helpful in flatfoot treatment.

The second type is arm balancing poses – most popular are crow pose, forearm stand, or handstand. For a majority of people, arm balances provoke consternation. 

Everything because of the risk of falling on the face :)  Well, that happens, especially in the beginning, but benefits are worthy to eventually give it a try. 

These poses are the best way to strengthen your shoulders, arms and – what’s the most important – wrists! These small joints are weak by nature, but we also use them a lot!  

Benefits Of Balance Poses

Klaudia wears Ibiza Bra Black and Shine Shorts Onyx


Physical Benefits of Balance Poses

Each balance pose can be used to build strength in different body parts, muscles, and joints. As we deepen the practice, we engage new elements into the pose to reach the next level. There’s always a progression available in any pose, so we can improve the practice anytime we feel ready!

The true strength of my body I’ve developed mostly by practicing balance poses. That’s why the will always have a special place in my heart.

What’s also super important when it comes to balancing (especially upside down), are yoga clothes you can trust. And it’s not a joke! I’m laughing when I talk about it right now, but it wasn’t that funny when girls were falling out from the bra during my handstand practice. Trust me - the last thing you want to be concerned during the practice are your clothes.

Well, obviously the main benefit of practicing balance poses is a balance itself  – both in the body and the mind!


Mental Benefits of Balance Poses

Balance Yoga Poses were found to be very helpful in relieving stress and reducing inner tension. Additionally, they improve focus, concentration, and memory. Finally, the unquestionable benefit of the poses is the ability to control emotions in critical and stressful moments.


Fun Fact

During pregnancy, our hormonal system plays tricks on us!

Hormones that loosen the joints and ligaments often occur the balance. 

In addition, baby bump shifts the center of gravity. All of this together makes keeping balance difficult and turn even basic balance poses into a real challenge!


About the author:

Klaudia was born and raised in Poland. After she graduated from University and worked for several years, she moved to the US to improve her skills and teach Yoga for world’s best BJJ and MMA fighters. Today she is a fully involved yogini, active athlete, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher, experienced trainer, scuba diver, traveler and enthusiastic girl doing what she loves. She's also the founder of Plus Performance Yoga. Find her on Instagram.




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