Back to the Roots - Importance of Fundamental Yoga Poses.

By guest writer: Klaudia Komorowski


As we get further and further in Yoga practice, we tend to forget about the huge importance of fundamental yoga poses.

Let’s take a trip back in time - before we got to the point in our practice where we’re at right now - and remind ourselves how many warriors, planks, chairs and boat poses we performed to build the integral strength

The integral strength developed by daily, consistent practice of simple, yet complex Yoga poses, is the key which opens gates to the next levels of both sides of practice - physical, and mental.

One step at a time. There’s no handstand, when there’s no core. There’s no standing balance, when there’s no strong legs. There’s no arm balances, when there’s no solid arms! 

Back to the Roots - Importance of Fundamental Yoga Poses.

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The “easy” pose

 As a Yoga teacher, I have many kinds of students. Some of them have a background in gymnastics or other sport disciplines. Others have never done anything physical in their life, besides PE classes, and they basically start from nothing.

I find it funny, but fundamental Yoga poses can be a challenge for absolutely all of them - advanced, beginners, and intermediate students!

My beginners can build strong muscles, to be prepared for more difficult Yoga poses. My advanced can face their own frustration and train patience by stopping the inner urge to jump into a handstand right away :) .

My intermediates can get stronger and sharpen the pose itself by working on details.

All of them can drop the sweat! Fundamental yoga poses - when done properly - are a great workout! 

Let’s give an example - warrior two! Looks quite easy, right? 

But we all know how “easy” can turn into challenging… . Engage the core, tuck the tailbone, straighten back leg, lift the knee cap, engage buttocks, deepen the angle in front knee, and press the outer edge of the foot to the ground. Just a few alignments and a totally different story!

This pattern applies to all of the other fundamental yoga poses - few tiny corrections, and the “easy” pose is not easy anymore. 

Back to the Roots - Importance of Fundamental Yoga Poses.

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A way to handle limitations

Fundamental Yoga poses are a real treasure in difficult times for our body - like pregnancy, or injury. In periods when our physical performance is limited, we should appreciate everything that prevents us from regression - the basic asanas are definitely the ones!

Injuries happen - they’re part of life, especially if we’re physically active. Sitting and doing nothing after the damage not only digs us deeper into depression, but doesn’t help the healing process. It’s crucial to improve the blood circulation and supply the tissue with all the nutrients and oxygen. Therefore I always encourage my students to start physical activity as soon as possible. My choice of exercise for them? - Always Yoga practice based on fundamentals!

Pregnancy is not a disease. True. But it’s definitely an extreme challenge for the woman’s body. And, in my case, it’s often harder than illnesses I faced in my life - especially the first trimester, when I felt very bad.

Everybody is different, but at least for me and most of my friends, pregnancy qualifies as a very difficult time in life.

What raises my spirits the most? Putting my Yoga pants, stepping on a mat, and practice! With the limits my body imposed on me, fundamental yoga poses are my only solution and I appreciate them more than ever!

Injured many times myself, and being in the third trimester of pregnancy, I’m in the position to tell this with full responsibility: practicing fundamental yoga poses is the most safe and effective tool to maintain physical activity! To keep muscles strong and ligaments flexible. It’s also a mental therapy - we all feel better when we put Yoga pants on and do something! Don’t you agree?

Back to the Roots - Importance of Fundamental Yoga Poses.

 Klaudia wears Strap Bra Titanic and 7/8 Eco Legging Cancun 


About the author:

Klaudia was born and raised in Poland. After she graduated from University and worked for several years, she moved to the US to improve her skills and teach Yoga for the world’s best BJJ and MMA fighters. Today she is a fully involved yogini, active athlete, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher, experienced trainer, scuba diver, traveler and enthusiastic girl doing what she loves. She's also the founder of Plus Performance Yoga. Find her on Instagram.  

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