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A Few More Reasons Why I Love SUP Yoga

By Guest Blogger: Sarah Tiefenthaler


When I made the decision to create my Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga company “YOGAqua” it was for my love of both Yoga and Nature and this was the perfect recipe to enjoy them together. However, it has been over 7 years since I did my first yoga pose on a paddleboard and I have now come up with a few more reasons why I love this so much!

A Few More Reasons Why I Love Sup Yoga



1.    Friendship: Doing SUP Yoga with a friend is the best!  Class typically begins with paddling where you get your blood pumping, yes, but you also have the chance to catch up with your buddies or even make a new friend!  I have seen so many friendships formed on the water in YOGAqua classes.
For me personally, when I stop and look around at the people closest to me, there is one thing that links them all and that is YOGAqua.  Some friends I have met as they were students of mine and some have transitioned from students to my instructors to very best friends. There are also those who I have met traveling for Wanderlust, retreats, and teacher training courses.  Some friends even have their own brands that exist in the same industry.  The point is, when you immerse yourself into something you’re passionate about, likeminded people will eventually surround you and you’re likely to make some amazing, long-lasting friendships.
2.    Unplugged: It is such a wonderful feeling to leave my phone behind and paddle out onto the water.  Even for just 90 minutes, I can let everything go and simply reset. Sometimes it's not until the moment I hit the water that I feel like I really open my eyes. When I hop onto my board, see the water rush by and then shift my gaze up to the sunlight, blue skies, birds, fish and even those crazy sea lions-all of the sudden I exist in nature and it is all right here in this big city we call “LA". Isn’t that amazing?
3.    Photography: As we all know, social media is…shall we say…relevant.  I first took an interest in this when I wanted to connect with old friends, then it became a tool for my business.  And while it still serves those two purposes, a new passion has developed.  I love taking photos on the water-especially in new beautiful locations!  And maybe you’re thinking "anyone can point a camera and shoot, right"? Well, what I’ve found is that I am no longer trying to just capture an image, that part is easy, you’re right.  I now strive to capture a “feeling”.  What I notice while photographing other people is that you have to wait for that moment when they stop “posing”, when their true-self comes through that’s the good stuff.

A Few More Reasons Why I Love Sup Yoga



  1. Fun: SUP Yoga is far more than just a fitness activity for me, it is something that creates happiness! We all get stressed in life; whether that be by money, relationships, deadlines, etc. but to have something (healthy) that can make all that a little bit easier is huge. It doesn’t matter if I wake up feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, once I’m on the water, that heaviness just falls magic!

    5.  Travel: I have been fortunate enough to teach SUP Yoga in many beautiful locations around the world.  These places include Hawaii, Greece, Mexico, Canada and very soon Bora Bora!  I believe a certain level of desire to travel pretty much exists in everyone to a certain extent.  However, my desire to travel is a bit more specific.  All I have to do is see a picture of beautiful, calm water somewhere and I feel this longing deep in my stomach and without even realizing, I find myself online searching for where it is and how to get there!  Yes, I want to experience different cultures, food, and history but I also really really want to experience the water.
    I’m sure my list of reasons for why I love SUP Yoga will continue to grow as my experiences do because well…that’s life!  On to the next adventure!


 About the Author


Sarah Tiefenthaler, owner, and founder of YOGAqua completed her first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica where she focused intensely on the philosophy of Yoga as well as meditation practices. When she returned to Los Angeles, she completed her second 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification in Hollywood, CA at Earth’s Power Yoga where she was able to expand her knowledge of human anatomy and alignment in relation to Yoga. After spending day after day in the magnificence of the Costa Rican jungle, Sarah still longed for any activity in which she could maintain a consistent presence in nature.When Sarah returned home from Costa Rica in 2010 she soon discovered her passion for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP); it was the perfect solution that would keep her in nature, on the water, and under the sun. With her obvious passion for Yoga, it was not long before she began to experiment with Yoga poses on the boards which were just the spark that very quickly leads to the creation of her SUP Yoga company, YOGAqua. YOGAqua was launched in July 2011, is based in Marina Del Rey, CA with a second location opening in Ventura, CA in the Spring of 2018.

Sarah has since completed a third Yoga Teacher Training for 100 hours at Maha Yoga in Brentwood, CA. She offers SUP Yoga Teacher Training Certification courses four times per year as well as SUP Yoga Retreats at some of the most beautiful locations around the world. She is the SUP Program Coordinator for Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, a Level 2 World Paddle Association Instructor and a brand ambassador for BOGA Yoga Paddle Boards.