4 Ways to Skyrocket Pleasure Without Guilt

By guest blogger Eloah Paes Ramalho

Think of chocolate, lovemaking, fun or downtime. Most people wonder how to skyrocket pleasure in their lives and at the same time how to free from the guilt that oftentimes accompanies them!

Why do we feel guilty?

When there is a mismatch between what we want and what we think we should want, we feel guilty. This is to say we live a guilt-free life when...

1. We want what we think we should want. 


2. We change our thoughts to include the things we think we shouldn’t (but do) want as potentially beneficial.


How do we do that?

Slowing down... Slowing down is essential to living in integrity and avoid jumping into mindless action (taking what we want even though we think we shouldn’t) or endless reflection (being stuck with the same old thoughts that prevent us from seeking our desires).

Our body was made to feel, and feeling through every step of the way is one way to make integral choices that skyrocket pleasure AND leave us free from guilt.

4 Ways to Skyrocket Pleasure Without Guilt

Eloah wears a Gravity print outfit. Photo taken by Roger Saner.


Here are 4 principles I encourage in dance that you may apply in your life:

  • Connect before you get started.

  • For a solo dancer, engaging our whole body and readying it for the movement before the music even starts is essential! The same goes for the courtship on the dance floor: connecting eyes, hands, arms, and aligning our body with our partners can make or break a dance.

    In life, connecting with our own body before we eat, smelling the food, touching it with bare hands, taking in the colors, all make for a more pleasurable (and mindful) experience. Lovemaking is no different: calling the sensations in our own body, noticing how we respond to stimulus and assessing the energy of the other person makes it for a much more fulfilling experience!

    This step is essential to take action wholeheartedly or choose a completely different course of action.

  • Let yourself go wild!

  • I love the expression ‘go wild’ because it means going beyond the mind, reconnecting with something beyond our thoughts and rules of conduct.

    When we fully connect with ourselves and with that which we desire, we may found a deeper truth within: one that allows for us to want what we think we should want (dropping the chocolate and going for something that matches our morality of pleasure better), or creatively stretching our ‘shoulds’ in ways that incorporate new desires.

    Finding that integrity is key to being able to go wild and completely dive into a dance, that delicious chocolate, or the infatuating relationship we long for!

    4 Ways to Skyrocket Pleasure Without Guilt

    Eloah wears a Gravity print outfit. Photo taken by Roger Saner.



  • Take time to finish.

     If there’s one thing I treasure about urban kizomba from all dances is that each step is pronouncedly stretched before the movement ends. We feel every inch of the movement before it is complete. It isn’t so much about speed (fast or slow): it is about making it last by being 100% there.

    If we apply this to chocolate or to a date, every single moment can feel like forever, and completely worth on its own when we are there and only there!

  • Indulge in the after feelings...

  • The first and the last principles are my favorite because how we begin and how we end tell a lot about our experiences. Think of a play, a musical, a concert. The beginning gets us in and keeps us hooked, while the end makes it memorable!

    We may think most people are masters of indulging in the after feelings of something pleasurable, and it is extremely common to forget appreciating and being grateful for what we just had. To thank a partner for the dance, to thank our own spirit for being present, to thank the Gods and Goddesses who put heaven onto this chocolate!

    The same goes for experiences we might have dreaded, for example eating 6 slices of cake in a row or calling the ex we swore we’d never speak with again. Being fully open and attentive to the after feelings of our mindless actions - also if they feel extremely uncomfortable - allows our bodies to fully learn, even if our mind can’t wrap itself around it. The next time, the body will choose better!

    Skipping this step is often why we keep going for more of what we don’t want, insatiably: because we were not there in the first (or second or third) time when it happened. So in one way, it is like it never happened.

    At any moment, our bodies are available to guide us. By slowing our thoughts down (loosening their grip and opening up to possibilities) and fully entering our bodies, we naturally move towards more pleasurable experiences. It is that integrity that skyrockets pleasure before, during and afterward!

    About the author:

    Eloah has been facilitating individuals and groups in bold & authentic ways of relating to themselves and others through voice and movement for the past 7 years. She is a daredevil dancer who puts herself out there confidently and at the same time with immense sensitivity! Her content is unedited and sincere: you can trust it is actually her rather than a persona. To get a taste of it, find free techniques at the Dancing Brazilian website or follow her on Instagram and Youtube.




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