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 It’s funny to think that there would ever be an ‘art’ to being joyful. But when I see so many people worried about their lives, anxious about the past or stressing about the future, it’s clear that being joyful isn’t always something that flows freely and easily.
As children, we are all masters of playfulness, joy, and freedom. As we become teenagers and then adults, we somehow gradually lose that inherent joy which was once so effortless. Our joyful spirit tends to diminish as the years progress, suppressed as we chase career success or in our endless pursuit for financial security. Our joy buckles beneath the loneliness we experience in seeking out perfect relationships or as we battle our way through past (or even current) relationships. 
At other times our joy disappears a little more quietly, resting anonymously behind a dispassionate life, settling for the outcomes we get simply because we don’t think anything else is possible for our lives. Either way, our joy has dramatically subdued. Our hearts burn less brightly and the fire inside us dwindles, rather than raging passionately and leaping joyfully, towards each and every day in life.
Of course, this does not need to be our reality. Joy is a simple, natural state for everyone. So how can we reignite our intrinsic sense of lightness and joy, and ultimately, bliss?
I’ve been thinking how to best identify where my huge sense of joy comes from after a recent conversation with a new friend. He said that from the day we met, he could feel I was really, genuinely happy, and that he was curious to know why. It was quite a rhetorical question seeing as he didn’t press me for an actual answer, but I got thinking anyway- why exactly was I almost always so incredibly joyful (and often for no reason at all)?
The realisation came a few nights later when I was doing yoga, flowing between the asana. It just popped in my head, as these things do.
I am bursting with joy because I believe in infinite possibilities.
Infinite possibilities… What a mind blowing and ridiculously exciting concept this is! To think that anything, ANYTHING, can happen. I don’t mean anything can happen so we should be fearful of the unknown kind of way, but anything can happen in a I’m so lucky- what super magical thing might possibly happen to me next, kind of way? What beautiful, exciting, intriguing, helpful, or interesting people will I meet today? What wonderful things will I experience today? What amazing opportunities will come my way today? Or next week? Next year? Or even, right this second?
Believing in infinite possibilities echoes the expansiveness of all creation. It kisses limiting beliefs and rigidity goodbye, and liberates you completely.
When you remind yourself that anything is possible, you know that all the answers you need exist. You step through life with a lightness of being, a spring in your step, and with joy in your heart. You trust that all of your needs can be met. You know that your hearts deepest desires are achievable. You know that everything you could ever possibly imagine can be conjured into existence. This is what Einstein meant when he said Imagination is Everything.
Believing in infinite possibilities doesn’t only mean that something truly amazing can and will happen. It also means that any problem you have can be solved. But just as you can’t force a flower to open its petals, you have to let your problems resolve and your desires unfold naturally, in divine timing, and not when you dictate it. But you can rest assured- everything is possible, achievable and doable.
Once you know this at your very core, you can totally rest into existence. It is like the ultimate shavasana (the ultimate pose in any yoga practice, corpse pose) where you let go and let go, until there is nothing more to let go of. You have completely surrendered to existence, and all that is left, is bliss.
Whilst it’s one thing to tell yourself to Believe In Infinite Possibilities, it’s another thing entirely to actually believe this within every cell of your body. The believing and knowing takes time.
To begin with, if you find you’re getting stuck by limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts, just remember that it’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.
The next step is to just ask yourself- am I open to the mere possibility that this problem could be solved? Am I open to the mere possibility that the one thing I’m secretly dreaming of, might happen? Or is it completely and utterly impossible? Hint- if you can imagine it, it can come into existence.
So why not make a commitment to staying open to the mere possibilities available to you in each and every moment? For what it’s worth, whatever you’re dreaming about and wishing for, know this- it is possible.
Bring on the joy!  
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