Shine with the Light of Your True Self in the New Om Stars Collection

At Liquido, we believe in empowering women to live their best lives. In everything that we do, our goal is to help you feel strong and beautiful. When you talk, we listen. You said you wanted something new and fabulous, so we found the two most fabulous people we knew to make this happen.


We are happy to introduce the Om Stars Collection.

 Shine With The Light Of Your True Self In The New Om Stars Collection


The Om Stars Collection was created in partnership with inspirational yoga instructors and social media celebrities Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna. These world-renowned yogis paired up with our global distributor, yoga instructor and entrepreneur Renata Facchini, to design this exclusive, limited edition, and beautiful collection.


The line is everything you’ve come to expect from us—comfortable, functional, stylish, and vibrant—but with new yoga-driven details thanks to this unique collaboration with Kino and Kerri. These women approached us because of their love of the Liquido lifestyle. They wanted a chance to put their hearts into custom designs for the perfect yoga pieces. We said, absolutely!


We couldn’t have asked for more amazing people to help us with this project, and we are especially excited to share this with you!


Om Stars is for women who want to do more than workout in their active wear. These garments are fun and feminine, going from the beach to the mat to the market, while feeling breathable and buttery soft. Like a second skin, but strong and supportive for whatever healthy lifestyle suits you, the Om Stars Collection is an extension of who you are. This line is inspired by the core roots of yoga: spirituality, self-reflection, self-compassion, and continued growth and self-awareness.


Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna are uniquely qualified as experts on yoga apparel and the Liquido lifestyle. They are certified Yoga teachers, successful entrepreneurs, fashionistas, and social media superstars. More importantly, they’re best friends.

Shine With The Light Of Your True Self In The New Om Stars Collection


Kino has long been a success in the yoga community sharing her love for the “Ashtanga Yoga” method over the last 16 years. She is a yoga expert who uses YouTube to give free advice and tutorials while sharing her passion for yoga. You can’t miss her signature cute shorts, something emulated in the Om Stars Collection!


Kerri, mother of two and a local West Palm Beach Certified Yoga teacher began posting beautiful beach yoga photos on Instagram back in 2014, where she was also known for her artistic style and fashion sense.

Shine With The Light Of Your True Self In The New Om Stars Collection


These two ladies may be based in South Florida, but you will see them rocking their Liquido all over the world; inspiring and connecting with their followers via Instagram and beyond!


Feel like the star that you are with the Om Stars Collection!

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Kino + Kerri are inspirational yoga instructors and social media celebrities.

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