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Bikini Ready Abs With Liquido

We are pleased to feature fitness professional, wellness coach and trainer for highly popular online fitness programs, Rebecca Louise, as she shares her favorite workouts to achieve those bikini ready abs you've always wanted! 
Read on and be inspired by this amazing woman, our friend Rebecca Louise.
Who doesn’t want bikini ready abs all year round?  They give you confidence, better posture and incredible self-esteem!  Here at RL Healthy, we have all the ab workout videos you need for the tight and toned tummy of your dreams!  It doesn’t have to be hard and painful to get your flat tummy and six-pack, everyone can do it!
This post is so special because I am wearing Liquido Active leggings!  They are the softest leggings I have ever worn and flex with me.  They support my muscles without squeezing them too tight!  They are my new favorite leggings and come highly recommended by me, Rebecca Louise!
Let’s get started!  Trim down your waist with this incredible workout that will get your sides burning and melting the fat away. I love to work on my obliques because it gives your tummy a whole new definition than just abs and it’s great to get rid of love handles. The video is quite short at only 10 minutes, but it definitely packs a punch and you will feel it tomorrow!  Be consistent and do this video regularly, maintain a healthy diet and you will see the results!
Here is a super simple video that will work the front of your abs to work on the 6 pack.  Remember to always keep the muscles engaged for the best results!  Add this one into your daily workouts on the calendar and start to see your muffin top morph into something that looks a lot more bikini worthy!

You want to be sure to include lots of fiber in your diet to flush the fat and toxins from your system.  An easy way to stay on a healthy eating plan, and for great post-workout snacks, is to try my shakes!
I love to challenge myself and track my progress so I can see just how far I have come!  Let’s track our progress together and tag yourself in your workout shots at #I canfeeltheburnRebecca
By improving your stamina, you can be sure that you are burning fat and building muscle!

Rebecca Louise is a fitness professional, wellness coach and trainer for highly popular online fitness programs such as XHITXF Extreme Fitness and GymRa.
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