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We are beyond excited to have moved our headquarters to Miami! We are eager to start learning more about his beautiful city and what South Florida has to offer for the yoga community. Our lovely friend, Deanne Ziadie, the Creator of The Divine Friend, has some great tips and advice for us and all our friends who live in Miami or come to South Florida to enjoy the beautiful beaches.
 The Divine Friend supports female entrepreneurs, educators, and passion seekers to live the life of their dreams through LIVE and Web events featuring strategic Self-Enhancing yoga life practices and Life Purpose coaching.
 Here is what lovely Deanne shared with us about yoga in beautiful Miami 
Change can come with many woe’s, but when it’s intended to lift the lives of others, change creates a movement. 
Miami’s Yoga community welcomes Liquido to our Beachy UrbanArt mecca.  As a local life purpose guide and yoga teacher, I’m honored to experience the comfort of sporting local, cozy leggings that serve a purpose.  As I’m holding my tree pose, balancing on both hands, or working on my online business, Liquido leggings help me breathe and feel the comfort in my yoga practice and daily life.  Miami’s often humid tropical summers, are no longer a challenge with Liquido Active leggings.  They are so comfortable it’s like I have on a protective layer of skin, keeping me cool (literally).
 Living in the tropics can take a toll on your spirit.  If you need some tender self-care time and a space to stretch out your body and play in your new Liquido leggings, here are 3 great places to practice yoga for FREE or by Donation, plus meet some new friends. 
 Bayfront Yoga in the Park 
 Hanging around Downtown Miami and wish to get a stretch?  Held outdoors by the bay, these classes offer a unique atmosphere to relax and invigorate at the same time. In addition, participants can enjoy the stunning view. Bring your own yoga mat, water and towel. 
Classes are located at the Tina Hills Pavilion (south end of the park).
In the event of rain, they hold classes at the Park office.
To learn more, visit:
3rd Street Beach Yoga
Yoga Classes by Donation EVERY DAY (7am, 5/6pm)
On the corner of 3rd street and Ocean Drive. Walk through the park directly by the Orange Lifeguard Hut. 
You came to Miami so what better than to have YOGA directly on the sand?
Meet Local Yoga teachers, and practice your dolphin pose.  Bring your own towels, suggested for an easier downward dog. Plus you’ll have something to dry off with should you take a dip after class in Miami South Beach bathwater temperature waters.
Green Monkey North Shore Park Bandshell
7275 Collins Ave., Miami Beach at 6 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday Night
 One of the Hottest spots, yet uncovered, is Miami Beach North Shore. Rent a Citibank Bicycle and head north up Collins to the quiet district where Miami Locals vibe out. From Brazilian to Peruvian restaurants to smokey BBQ grills in North Space Park you’ll feel the diversity of Miami Beach community.  Great area to find a place to live should you decide all you’d love to do for the rest of your life is to wake up to sunrises on the beach. 
Of course why not take a FREE yoga class while you’re meditating on your next move. Yoga classes taught and sponsored by Green Monkey. For more info visit:
 After you’ve reached up to the sun and surrendered to the tropical dreams in Miami’s paradise, feel free to connect with a local friend.  Together we’ll wear our Liquido leggings and chat till sunset sipping Komuncha shots and mapping out your next path to Reveal your Life Purpose and Self-care goals. If that sounds like something to play with.  Miami sets a wonderful stage for your great life adventures. Stay on purpose. 
To keep you comfy during your yoga sessions, grab some of Liquido’s leggings
 What’s even better, grab some skorts to keep you fresh and cool for the hot summer days!
 Deanne Ziadie (pronounced: Dee-Ann SADIE) is the Creator of The Divine Friend (TDF) the Yoga Lifestyle Guide.  
TDF supports female entrepreneurs, educators, and passion seekers to live the life of their dreams through LIVE and Web events featuring strategic Self-Enhancing yoga life practices and Life Purpose coaching.
 Deanne is 200 RYT certified, R.N. (retired.nurse) + Strala Yoga and Life Purpose Guide.  She received her Yoga training by New York Times Acclaimed Yoga Rebel, Tara Stiles and Oprah Winfrey’s new generation spiritual leader and creator of Rich Happy and Hot B-school, Marie Forleo.  Deanne enjoys making smoothies and practicing yoga everywhere.  Handstands, singing, and collaborating with conscious fashion brands and health-food blogs are her past-time fav’s.  She currently resides in Miami Beach, FL. with her lovely husband. 
To connect with Deanne and get a FREE Guide to help you Reveal your Life Purpose Visit: