10 Mistakes You Are Making In Your Healthy Lifestyle

By Guest Blogger: Reema Hana


10 Mistakes You Are Making In Your Healthy Lifestyle


  1. Eating right before bed

I can be guilty of this one!  Sometimes, I just get the right before bed "I'm hungry"  feeling... don't let it fool you.  Just say NO!


  1. Not eating after your workout

You just killed your workout,  your body needs some nutrients to replenish itself.  Try out lean protein and veggies to get the total and full benefits of your workout.  


  1. Not lifting weights

Yes, I have heard it "I don't want to get bulky because I lift weights"  THAT is the biggest lie fed to you... You can't get bulky, you don't have the testosterone in your body to get like a bodybuilder.  You will tone up and even shed some inches.. trust me.  


  1. Overdoing the cardio

I did it, spending an hour running and some abs then called it a day at the gym.  It depends on what your goals are, right?  If you are running a marathon weight training is not going to help you run that marathon.  However, If you are looking to shed inches and fat, your best bet is weight lifting.  Ending your gym session with 10-20 minutes of cardio is the best way to do that.  Yes, too much cardio can be a bad thing, again depends on your goals.


  1. Not switching up your workout

Every day, same workout, same machines, same plan... it means the same body.  Switch it up! Plan it out, do something different every day!  


  1. Not allowing your body proper rest

Your body is a well-oiled machine but even that machine needs a day or two off from work.  Give your body the proper time to recover,  if you want to workout 5 days a week you need to switch the muscles up and give your body a day in between to recover.


  1. Skipping breakfast/meals

Yes, calories are important in terms of losing weight, however skipping a meal and starving yourself till the next meal is not the way to do it.  You just end up screwing up your metabolism for the day AKA you don't burn as much throughout the day.  Keep your body happy and it will return the favor.  


 10 Mistakes You Are Making In Your Healthy Lifestyle


  1. Cutting out all the carbs

Yes, yes its true, not all carbs are treated equally.  So many of you out there are just cutting carbs and avoiding certain foods.  However, if you want to grow muscles and tone up, carbs are essential.  Just stay away from white carbs and start eating whole unprocessed carbs.  


  1. Not setting small goals

Clients set a goal.  I want to lose 10 percent of my body fat..   but there is a goal that comes before that.   A mini milestone if you will.  start with 2% of your body fat.  You are less likely to give up on your goals if they seem more reachable.


  1. Drinking your calories

I myself am not much of a drinker.  I know a glass of wine is a staple for many out there. Bad news, some alcohol may have almost as many calories as a gram of fat.  Try to limit the days you are going out for a drink to your 2 cheat days.


 About the Author

 Reema is a travel and health blogger. She says "I have always loved traveling and was actually born abroad which only fueled my want and need for travel in my life.  I have visited 21 countries so far and hope to add more countries to my list this coming year.  When it comes to health and fitness I am sad to say that it did not start from the beginning for me.   Before my health and fitness journey, I was actually obese and working towards losing the weight and becoming healthier.  I was 13 when I started my fitness journey and I am happy to say that I have continued on with a healthy lifestyle.  I was so intrigued with working out and healthy eating that I went back to school to learn more about this topic and received a personal training license to further my knowledge on how to achieve a healthy body and mind.   I hope to continue to learn more and work towards a positive lifestyle year after year and hopefully help you learn some things too! " You can follow her on Instagram and read her blog

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