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Peek behind the scenes at how our clothes are made.

Peek behind the scenes at how our clothes are made.

Peek behind the scenes at how our clothes are made.

Liquido Active

Yoga is about absorbing and transmitting good things, showing the power of body and mind. Communicate the world your good feelings with Liquido Active yoga clothes. Our yoga items are made of comfortable, long-lasting materials, perfect for reaching the highest peaks. You can choose from leggings, tops, shorts and more. Be ready to show everything your body can do.

Beautiful & Comfortable. Made from a custom Poly-Lycra blend, Liquido Active leggings provide flexibility, comfort and endurance. With the high waistband, the Liquido Active leggings fit perfectly into the body, making exercise more comfortable. Many models and prints to choose. Embrace the world with your legs.

Open chest for yoga challenges with Liquido Active tops. Different prints and models, adaptable to your size and your preference. They value the bust without losing comfort. Perfect for your favorite workout! Yoga tops offer comfortable support for every movement, facilitating positions and activities without tightening your body.

YWith Liquido Active you wear what you feel and emanate it for everyone around you. Beaded bracelets are made of beautiful beads and can tell who you are, what you feel, what you think is important. Harmonize with a smile and the look is ready! Choose the beads that most match your soul and show the world what is essential to you.

We proudly present to you our partnership: Kino MacGregor, the fearless International Yoga Teacher! A native of Miami and passionate about the beauty of nature, Kino is one of the most notorious personalities in the universe of yoga and physical activity. With her knowledge in these areas, Kino is helping us to develop monthly collections of yoga items: extra long leggings with a high waistband, beautiful shorts and comfort-fitting bra. The collection, made from a custom Poly-Lycra blend, provides exceptional performance and velvety feel. The higher sitting waistband is very comfortable for all fits, athletic to curvy.

Founded by Kino MacGregor, OMstars is the world's first yoga TV network. OMstars has over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and Facebook. In this space, Macgregor can communicate her message of spiritual strength and the power of Yoga. Therefore, in partnership with Kino, Liquido has created the Omstars by Liquido™ collection, for you who knows the importance of the yoga message and wants to take it forward.